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fall is for brooches and blazers.

18 Oct

you don’t need to know me well to know that i love accessories. this goes decades back to when i was 5 years old playing dress up with the neighbors. even then i knew it all started with the basics.

{wool tailored blazer, uniqlo}

a fitted black blazer which highlights the curves and waistline is the backbone of my fall wardrobe. i have the most difficult time finding jackets (petite with curves), so when i find one that fits, it is a hallelujah moment. this blazer was purchased as part of my uniqlo binge (i’ve a soft spot for japanese basics) while in london this summer. i couldn’t have gotten to the cash wrap sooner.

i love blazers because they are tailored and can dress up any outfit immediately. it’s so simple to go from day-to-night or from office-to-bar, as i so often would like. sleek, sexy, & sophisticated–that’s how i feel when i’m wearing one. they are the high heels of the upper body.

and like any fabulous basic, there are endless ways to personalize. with that, we come to another one of my favorites for fall–brooches.

i’m not sure when this fascination started (perhaps in high-school?), but over the years i’ve slowly been collecting brooches both old and new. in high school i was gifted my first vintage brooch which i still adore. these days my collection has more vintage pieces but i still keep an eye out contemporaries.

for example, this guy purchased via etsy from depapea’s shop. it came to me all the way from spain last week.

put a bird on it!!!

…or these guys, from my vintage brooch collection. i cannot stop wearing the red & orange starbusrt. pairing it with dark green has become an obsession.

currently lusting after this sophisticated gent brooch from depapea’s shop.

anyone else out there as emotionally invested in this style combo as i am?

chicago kids, any great vintage spots you recommend for treasure hunting?

wildcats & wolverines, oh my!

11 Oct

last saturday we kicked off the northwestern vs. michigan football game with brunch in evanston, a campus tour, and an alumni tailgate. i absolutely fell in love with northwestern’s campus & the scenery of a night game at ryan field.

here’s some highlights from the day!

{waiting for the purple line! ready for BRUNCH in downtown evanston}

{starting our campus tour, courtesy of the wildcat graduates}

{maybe a little obsessed with the tree situation}
{the arch!}

{big ten couple. dreamy}

{i went crazy over these picturesque weeping willows}
{the boy’s team colors. gorgeous gardens all over campus}

{checking out the rock}

{music building & pretty vines}


{prime spot for an alumni tailgate}

{2 hotdogs & 4 beers later, ready for kickoff!}

{oh man! night game! loving our seats}

in the end, the wolverines came out undefeated, which kept this girl happy. we’re already planning our 2012 nwu vs u of m match-up road trip to the big house. then it’s my turn to lead the campus tour and tailgating!

thanks to the wildcat kids for showing us the ropes and a FABULOUS time!

films for fall.

6 Oct

every morning last week i woke up to weather that screamed “don’t get out of bed! stay here. watch a movie. be cozy!”.

summer is wonderful & chicagoans look forward to it with an unmatched passion during those everlasting winters that seem to creep their way into “spring”. in fact, we love summer so much that nearly every year by the time september rolls around, we’re broke, exhausted, and sunburnt. no?

so you see, fall is welcomed with open arms in this household. that guilt complex of absolutely having to be outside during every waking moment of sunlight fades away as the air becomes crisp and cool. and just like that, i’m trading in my flip-flops for blazers and cinnamon spiced coffee.

fall brings the comforts of familiar & expected cool weather favorites–apple picking, pumpkin flavored everything, college football games, and rainy days curled up inside enjoying a lazy afternoon double feature.

today i’m sharing my rather eclectic list of favorite films, and one television series, to watch during autumn.

{a rom-com classic. gorgeous new york scenery. the plutonic friendship turned relationship feels all too familiar for this girl.}

{a television series shot like a film. haunting & dream-like, twin peaks will have you enthralled in murder mystery & the paranormal. david lynch is a master of the eerie.}

{i swear i’m not obsessed with ms. ryan. this movie is cute, cozy, and 90s fun}

side note, isn’t it interesting that this film is about book conglomerates taking over mom & pop book shops. those same “friendly” conglomerates were mourned earlier this year as they posted “out of business” signs around the country.

{a wonderfully inspiring period film complete with east coast scenery.}

{there isn’t much i don’t adore about this movie. it’s got that creepy, dark, suspenseful feel. i’m typically not a tim burton fan, but he got me with this one.}

don’t watch alone. i say this out of experience.

{we end with a quirky dramedy & a star packed cast. i loved seeing gwyneth in this role. alex baldwin’s voice is oh so charming as the narrator & the soundtrack is to-die-for}

do you have autumnal film favorites?

i’m going to hop right into the season and watch one this evening!

lincoln park, you’ve won my heart.

5 Oct

last sunday we had the perfect fall day-date. warm sunlight, light fall jacket weather, and lots of hand holding. this girl was sold.

i’ve got to hand it to lincoln park zoo, it’s the greatest free space in the city. if you live in or near chicago, you must go. and seasonally. there are flowering gardens in the summer, bright foliage to behond and active (baby!) animals in the fall, and holiday zoo lights in the winter.

and that’s not to mention the incredible year long backdrop of chicago’s skyline and the wonderful lincoln park to which this little spot belongs. it’s all marvelous.

we started our date with lunch at the historic cafe brauer (below) on the far south side of the park.

i’m feeling so lucky to have dined alfresco just one more time this year. sandwiches for under $8 with the above view just can’t be beat.

{the boy took me for coffee post-zoo at noble tree cafe in lincoln park. reminded me of ann arbor. ahhhh, liberal intelluctuals.}{the day still isn’t done being gorgeous. an especially autumnal sunset spotted while waiting for the bus}
i hope i’ve convinced you, lincoln park is a treasure to be enjoyed year round.

fall webs.

4 Oct

spotted & hearted while dining outdoors at the zoo.

an elegant spider web glistening in the daylight.

’tis the season. autumn is here.

zoo date.

2 Oct

we’re off to the zoo today! this gorgeous weekend fall weather must be enjoyed!

i adore the lincoln park zoo;  it looks straight out of a children’s storybook–traditional, quaint, and friendly.

my favorites to see are the chimps, tigers, and zebras.

i can’t say i’ll be as brave as my favorite french girl, madeline…

have a wonderful sunday!


28 Sep

the weather outside has been FAR from delightful over the past few days. rain & grey skies interspersed with a few glorious moments of light warm sunshine. fall is here, folks!

and if you’re a chicagoan, chances are you’re heavy on the rain and grey skies part of the season. but with the volatile fall weather comes COLOR, wonderful bright foliage transitions happening all over. i dare say, i have trouble frowning when all this season scenery (say that three times!) is happening right in front of me.

these paintings by Allyson Reynolds remind me of my favorite of summertime sightings, butterflies. how fitting that the subject is actually moths, and the colors resemble the autumnal hues happening all over our parks.

cheery AND autumnal.