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seeking: hardboiled perfection.

14 Oct

this girl is an eggs addict.

after 22 years of claiming to hate them, i’ve jumped on the bandwagon. now its eggs for lunch, for dinner, for snack-time. i really owe this new found love to my friend beth, who when i moved to chicago got me to try poached eggs. nowadays i’ll eat them almost anyway. the most convenient (and favorite at the moment) is hardboiled.

when i started cooking hard boiled eggs, i felt like a lost puppy. there is SO much literature on how to cook the perfect hardboiled egg. i can’t claim to have achieved this ‘perfection’, yet i’ve found 2 ways, one simple & quick and the other fool-proof and a little longer, that are doing the trick. the boy can be credited for the latter version.

some tips i’ve learned, before we start:

  • hard-boiling works best when using eggs near their expiration date. new eggs will be harder to peel
  • hard-cooked eggs can be stored (in shell) for a week in the refrigerator

method 1:  quick & easy hard boiled eggs
preparation & cook time: ~15 Minutes

  1. fill a small pot with cold water (such that when you place the eggs in they will be covered)
  2. set stove to high & heat water to boiling
  3. use a spoon to lower eggs into the boiling water & let cook for 10 minutes
  4. on the side, fill a bowl with ice water
  5. after ten minutes remove eggs from boiling water
  6. submerge eggs into the ice water (this prevents the eggs from having that dark grey-ish icky color around the yolk)
  7. let stand in cool water for 5 minutes. peel & eat

method 2: fool-proof method hardboiling 
preparation & cook time: ~25 Minutes

  1. place eggs in a small pot
  2. fill with cold water such that the eggs are covered by an inch of water
  3. set stove to high & heat water to boiling
  4. one at a boil, remove pot from the burner & turn heat to low
  5. place pot back on burner & boil on low hear for 1 minute
  6. turn off stove completely after 1 minute
  7. place pot on a cool burner & cover
  8. let sit for 12 minutes
  9. on the side, fill a bowl with ice water
  10. after 12 minutes, submerge eggs into the ice water
  11. let stand in cool water for 5 minutes. peel & eat

{excuse my poor peeling.}

both of these methods work great. it’s really what you have time for. if you’re already preparing a breakfast full of pancakes & bacon, then the longer method doesn’t hold you up. but there are SO many mornings where i’m racing against the clock & the quick and easy method has come through in the clutch.

happy hardboiling!

wildcats & wolverines, oh my!

11 Oct

last saturday we kicked off the northwestern vs. michigan football game with brunch in evanston, a campus tour, and an alumni tailgate. i absolutely fell in love with northwestern’s campus & the scenery of a night game at ryan field.

here’s some highlights from the day!

{waiting for the purple line! ready for BRUNCH in downtown evanston}

{starting our campus tour, courtesy of the wildcat graduates}

{maybe a little obsessed with the tree situation}
{the arch!}

{big ten couple. dreamy}

{i went crazy over these picturesque weeping willows}
{the boy’s team colors. gorgeous gardens all over campus}

{checking out the rock}

{music building & pretty vines}


{prime spot for an alumni tailgate}

{2 hotdogs & 4 beers later, ready for kickoff!}

{oh man! night game! loving our seats}

in the end, the wolverines came out undefeated, which kept this girl happy. we’re already planning our 2012 nwu vs u of m match-up road trip to the big house. then it’s my turn to lead the campus tour and tailgating!

thanks to the wildcat kids for showing us the ropes and a FABULOUS time!

have a cheer-y weekend!

8 Oct

i’m cheering my hardest this weekend, and with good reason.

on saturday my hometown Detroit Tigers take on the Texas Rangers in the opening game of the american league championship series. the Tigers are coming off an emotional week after defeating the New York Yankees in an all out 5-game battle to claim the american league division series.

next stop world series? this girl has a star to wish upon this october.

on top of that, the boy and my alma mater’s are matching up tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to the game! fall football and a northwestern university campus visit.

i’m so excited to cheer on my undefeated wolverines. the whole crew is making a day of the game, brunch in evanston, a tour of campus from our wildcat graduates, an alma mater tailgate, and my very first NIGHT GAME!!


here’s some of my favorite fun & cheerful finds:

chicago’s best bloody marys. brunch FTW. the best kickoff i can think of .

i’m coveting this infinity scarf! perfect for cozying up & outdoor activities.

spiced apple cider (with a little rum topper) would be a tailgating TREAT.

not only my game-day uniform, i tend to live in my cozy collegiate tees.

these players & coaching legends made the game we celebrate today.

i am needing THIS DRESS to celebrate a home team win!

it’s friday. let’s dance.

7 Oct

this week i’ve done the macarena  > 3 times.

WHAT THE WHAT?!, you say.

some would think that dancing the macarena more than once in the past ten years indicates maturity issues. but this time travel back to 1995 has been cheering me up during a week that’s had more lows than i’d like to admit.

for those of you familiar with the dance song phenomena, you’ll find this chart entertaining. my recollection & performance of the song resembles this breakdown.

in case you forgot the moves, this aweseome 90s videos will get your groove back. eeehhhhhhhh MACARENA!!!

later tonight i’ll be trading in my macarena moves for the Naked and Famous‘ ultra synth bliss. i’m in need of a girls date night like WOAH.

check out my favorite track, Girls Like You, off the 2010 album, Passive Me Aggressive You.

have a spontaneous weekend.

30 Sep

this evening some very best friends are coming into town for an impromptu (partial) college reunion. we see each other 2, maybe 3, times a year so it’s a special special treat to have them in town.

there’s LOTS going on this weekend to boot. a concert with the boy on friday night, michigan football viewing with the girls, a birthday party for my rhyming urbanite, and a date with the lincoln park zoo. busy busy busy. i’ll be needing that earl grey latte come monday morning.

but for now, i’m basking in the excitement of putting on my party pants like i’m an undergrad all over again. forget the grocery shopping, laundry, and adulthood responsibilities; this weekend i’m committed to acting like it’s my senior year all over again.

{lets party like its acapulco 2006}

here’s to good friends, fall weather, college football, and birthday parties.

some fun finds to get you in the celebratory spirit:

the perfect guide for matching a dignified adult beverage to your duds

fun party-style and VERY vintage-meets-modern yellow eye-liner

i’d love to give or get an invite like this. reminds me of the stepmom proposal!

it is ABOUT time that i learn how to fishtail braid. leaner mermaid…

refuse to wear pants to the party! no pants!

lip rouge.

29 Sep

gwynth paltrow got it right, “beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. that, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

this fall i’m all about red lipstick. and not just at night. something about starting my morning with some red lipstick feels indulgent and glamorous. it’s the kick in my step, empowering, utterly feminine, and a style statement. ultimately, i feel like it pulls the “look” together. and boy do i feel great when wearing it.

lately i’ve been getting lots of questions about my rouge lips, so i thought i’d share my favorite products & some tips i’ve learned along the way. buckle up and get ready for rouge!

first, always try red lipstick on your lips. skip the hand test, it can be misleading.

second, stick to a color that works with your skin tone and hair color. warning: orange-y reds will make your teeth look yellow. check out this helpful guide!

third, don’t be afraid to wear red lipstick all day. it’s cheery and bright.

fourth, always use a moisturizer (bliztex is my go to) as a base. chapped lips & lipstick are not a good combination.

here are some of my favorite red/pink lipsticks. Benefit and Lancome both have wonderful long-staying bright colors that work with every ensemble. on the right is my classic shade of red.

{benefit silk finish: nice knickers, lancome: posh pink, lancome: retro rouge}

if you aren’t quite ready to wear a bold lipstick, or if you’re looking for a glossy finish, these three products are my favorites.

{clinique superbalm: lilac, clinique glosswear: fireberry, estee lauder gloss pops: berry twist}

take the leap and try red this fall! you’ll love it, i promise!

mitten trip.

28 Sep

last weekend we took a long weekend trip home to michigan to visit with my family and attend a good friend’s wedding. here are some fun takeaways from the weekend, which was full of family bonding, michigan scenery, pretty skies, and LOTS of dancing.

{94 eastbound to my favorite of states}

{holy sunset!}

{the gorgeous sunset behind us}

{the boy and i, all cleaned up & fancy pants.}

{the beautiful bride and i}

{oh boy did this hit the spot. obligatory mcdonalds stop on the ride home. what up, berry chiller!?]

{the perfect sign for our toll both sans-cash experience. the “do they take credit” panic.}

{chicago skyway bridge}

{pretty architecture}