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hollywood sweethearts.

13 Oct

it’s no secret that i’m in love with everything about joanne woodward.

her style, grace, and classic elegance are genuine and unaffected. in addition to her iconic femininity, she’s light-hearted and carefree. can i be like that when i grow up?

the cherry on top — her seriously adorable relationship with leading man paul newman. couple for the win.

this trombone picture makes me melt.

Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat…

–Joanne Woodward

this quote and these photos made me weak in the knees.

pumped up kicks.

7 Oct

i’ve mentioned many times before, i’ve an affinity for poppy upbeat songs with a subliminally dark lyrical undertone. interesting, i know.

take Craft Spell’s “For the Ages” or the Antlers’ “Bear“; they present a sunshine-y beat, one fit for skipping and foot tapping. but listen closer and there’s a sad and unsettling message. the auditory & emotional sensation resembles the visual experience of the opening of scene of David Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet.

Foster the People‘s new jam, “pumped up kids”, is of the same vein. the blissfully catchy chorus masks the dark lyrics which echo the columbine high massacre of 1997. the realization of what the lyrics mean is disconcerting at the least. it’s rare that the issue of teen violence is brought to light through a song, especially in this genre. most indie pop & rock songs are of found and lost love. this band takes a controversial stance by addressing more serious and cerebral content. i appreciate that. in addition to dreamy escapism, music should also reflect on the culture and society that we live in.

here’s the song, for your listening. it really is a catchy tune; the bright, simple, and purposefully bold hooks pull you right in. before you know it, you’re humming the tune in the middle of your 3pm meeting (whoops!).

wise albert.

22 Sep

the help.

20 Sep

i just wrapped up reading one of the best fictional books that i’ve read in a long time, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

set in jackson, mississippi during the early 1960s, The Help tells the life story of african american women working as maids for white households and one white girl who wants to understand the neglected side of the story. The Help is told through 3 points of view: the hard-headed, sassy, [& tormented] minnie, wise and nurturing aibleen who has seen a lifetime of hurt and suffering, and eugenia ‘skeeter’, a privileged recent college graduate who sees the need for change.

to say that i didn’t cry or hold back tears (in public places) countless times while reading this novel would be a lie. the compelling stories of love, loss, persecution, cruelty, compassion and human connection during the darkest of times weave in and out of every page. they force you to confront a time and place you didn’t know, couldn’t know, but now can now understand a little clearer.

the highlight of this novel, and what the characters come to see, can be found in this one line: “we are just two people. not that much separates us. not nearly as much as i’d thought.”

stockett puts it perfectly in the post-novel note:

i don’t presume to think that i know what it felt like to be a black woman in mississippi, especially in the 1960s. i don’t think it is something any white woman on the other end of a black woman’s paycheck could ever understand. but trying to understand is vital to our humanity.

The Help has been made into a film and is currently showing in theaters. watch the trailer below. i haven’t seen the movie yet, but it won’t be long.

have you read the book or seen the film? i’d love to hear your interpretations and reactions.

awesome people hanging out.

15 Sep

the boy pointed me to this ADORABLE little duet performed by zooey deschanel & ben schwartz to the tune of “tonight you belong to me”. they’re accompanied by a yukaleli– i’m dying over this. serious bf win for sending this my way.

isn’t her voice the coolest? i remember hunting endlessly on the internet for her rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside after seeing her performance in Elf (2003).

and do you recognize the gent in the video? perhaps from parks and rec as jean raphio–the sleezy guy hanging around the parks department, known for highly suspect business and romantic ventures.

hilarious that these two should be performing this little number together, right? well folks, there’s more where that came from. check out of the source, Awesome People Hanging Out. the moments captured range the gamut of heartwarming to questionable to straight up nostalgic.

some favorite shots:

jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, elvis presley, and johnny cash.

louis armstrong and grace kelly.

alfred hitchcock & françois truffaut

clark gable, van heflin, gary cooper, and jimmy stewart

joanne woodward baking sweet rolls, paul newman making eggs, and anthony perkins dancing.

cemetery stroll.

7 Sep

today i took a stroll to the local food market on whitecross street during my lunch break.

lo and behold a cemetery!

since i was a little girl, i’ve always enjoyed walking through cemeteries. i’m fascinated by the old graves, the history and stories behind (or underneath) them. it’s completely morbid, i know, but they make me think a little deeper about history and how long things extend before and after our time. nothing snaps you back into reality like a stroll through a cemetery. those little stressors that i tend to fixate on? gone.

bunhill fields is a historic graveyard located straight across the street from our london office. it’s home to very wise tenants, daniel defoe and william blake for example. walking through this spot on a sunny day is totally gorgeous, especially during this transitional summer meets fall situation.

dear chicago,

i’m coming home to you soon. and i’m thinking i just may be ready for that autumn weather you so famously deliver on cue, every mid-september.

the supremes.

11 Aug

my friends, i cannot stop listening to The Supremes.

i can’t control it; i’m helpless to their motown sounds, effortless coolness, emotional impact of ross’s voice, and intricate arrangements. i’ve been mixing their music into all my playlists this summer. nothing picks me up like a little mid-afternoon throw back.

my all time Supreme favorites, for your listening pleasure. (via grooveshark)

oh, and i don’t need to tell you how much i ADORE their style. can i please be that glamourous when i grow up?!

ps. anyone remember the 1996 film That Thing You Do?

well i still love the soundtrack to that film, specifically Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart. i’ve had that tune in my head all week. very supreme-esque. listen here.