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take a break this weekend.

22 Oct

it’s been an intense work week for girl, so much so that i wasn’t even expecting to take a break from work. but lo and behold, i’ll be carving out a few hours for some time t0 myself to decompress, destress, de-everything.

i will take this advice!

what are you lovelies up to this weekend?

saturday i’m going to evanston with the boy to meet up with friends at his college reunion! [ah! we are getting old!] and sunday i’m going hunting for my halloween costume. i can’t wait to share!

here’s some fun finds floating around my mind, and the web:

i HATE soggy cereal. looks like i need some obol bowls!

a custom soundtrack to accompany your favorite book? WHAT?

dying to pull the trigger on this kate spade sweater. on sale! LUSTING

a rocking chair for two? don’t mind if i do. i can see many a conversation to be had in this.

the united states of scary things. tis the season.

it’s wellington time!

decorative gourd season!

21 Oct

it’s decorative gourd season!!!

over the past few weeks i’ve been obsessing over every autumnal detail, from pumpkin spiced coffee to capes. when we were at whole foods last weekend i fawned over the gourds display for an enormously long amount of time. this same situation occurred at the local farmers market. BARRELS OF GOURDS!

and so, the seasonal decorating, which will not commence until the end of january has begun. here’s my little pumpkin & gourd centerpiece on the side table in our living room.

hey, whatever makes your day. this most definitely makes mine.

i’m wishing i had a lamp-post to tie some cornstalks to…

…or a front gate on which to hang spooky cobwebs, as spotted in lincoln park.

any decorating tips for this seasonally obsessed girl?

enjoy a cozy weekend.

15 Oct

after what feels like, and very well may be, months of events and travel and rush here-rush there, we are finally planning a weekend IN.

i’m indulging in an unsest alarm clock, healthy home-cooked dinners, movie night, and my fuzzy brown blanket. much as i love them, a weekend free from the curling iron and lipstick is oh so needed. i’m trading in my blazer and glitter flats for leggings and my vintage bears hoodie.

can you tell i’m excited to do nothing? because i am.

here’s some favorite cozy & relaxing finds to peruse, especially while kicking it on your couch (like me!)…

ready to get your fall apron on? soups for the season.

the perfect bed to fall into.

live in chicago? i recommend county line orchard for some apple picking.

i’m dying to try this pumpkin bread pudding.

adorable halloween party invites on etsy.

holy dairy bliss. fancy grilled cheese recipes! do i hear dinner party?

the always stylish beauty department tutorial for CANDY CORN NAILS!

cool it.

20 Sep

it has been an excruciatingly long tuesday.

on days like today, i take a breather, procure an over-priced beverage, and browse relaxing artwork to calm me down.

this gem is a favorite of mine. it says “take a chill pill, leaner”.  it’s all just a rainbow; tomorrow, today’s problems will be part of yesterday.

i’m considering getting this in a small print to put up at my desk. seriously love it.

have a relaxing evening.

{if you love the painting above, check out more pieces from laura burkhart}

have a carefree weekend!

17 Sep

this weekend we’re off to great america with friends to [belatedly] celebrate the boy’s birthday! a perfect end of summer activity, if you ask me.

i LOVE everything about roller coasters–the feeling when your stomach drops in mid-air, the anticipation of approaching the highest drop, gripping hands with the person next to you. it’s all a rush. oh, and they have elephant ears and funnel cake there.


here’s some things floating around my mind, and the web:

an anticipated new jeffrey eugenides novel, The Marriage Plot, out this october.

this herringbone mini is perfect for showing some leg this fall, a la j. crew.

my favorite fall beverage indulgence, pumpkin spice lattes, are back!

a mustache broach to pin on a fall blazer? YES.

this print makes me smile. pretty sure i ran around like a wild one when i was little.

you’d NEVER be able to get me to come down from this tree house .

the most decadent meets nostalgic dessert i can imagine: pb & j tiramisu

more tea, please.

11 Sep

ah! i HAD to share these wonderful tea cup light fixtures with you, my dears.

ceramacist gregory bonasera uses vintage tea cups to create contemporary modern fixtures

dainty, feminine, & vintage. a perfect combo.

international weekending.

3 Sep

have a lovely weekend!

i’m spending my last weekend in london poking around the city and enjoying what seems to be london’s last of summer weather. 77 and sunny! what! last week it was 50 and raining.

my plans: visting the victoria & albert museum, wandering aimlessly through hyde park and regent’s park, drinking copious amounts of cappuccinos outdoors, and heading to the vintage market in camden town.

here’s some things floating around my mind, and the web:

the image above comes for the adorable series by sarah jane studios

missoni for target! 1960s inspired dream come true. target trip SCHEDULED!

insanely organized travel planning i could learn from.

will you wear oxfords this fall? they are first on my fall shoe shopping list.

things you should stop doing when you’re 25. hilarious.

handpainted stud earrings. perfect for a pop of summer meets autumn color.

vintage photo perfection by cassia beck. must learn this ttv technique.

see you, monday! 

ps. GO BLUE.