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color block.

19 Oct

spotted on the patio at work, gorgeous yellow-orange leaved trees.

seeing these trees changing on the patio has been a delight.

wildcats & wolverines, oh my!

11 Oct

last saturday we kicked off the northwestern vs. michigan football game with brunch in evanston, a campus tour, and an alumni tailgate. i absolutely fell in love with northwestern’s campus & the scenery of a night game at ryan field.

here’s some highlights from the day!

{waiting for the purple line! ready for BRUNCH in downtown evanston}

{starting our campus tour, courtesy of the wildcat graduates}

{maybe a little obsessed with the tree situation}
{the arch!}

{big ten couple. dreamy}

{i went crazy over these picturesque weeping willows}
{the boy’s team colors. gorgeous gardens all over campus}

{checking out the rock}

{music building & pretty vines}


{prime spot for an alumni tailgate}

{2 hotdogs & 4 beers later, ready for kickoff!}

{oh man! night game! loving our seats}

in the end, the wolverines came out undefeated, which kept this girl happy. we’re already planning our 2012 nwu vs u of m match-up road trip to the big house. then it’s my turn to lead the campus tour and tailgating!

thanks to the wildcat kids for showing us the ropes and a FABULOUS time!

have a cheer-y weekend!

8 Oct

i’m cheering my hardest this weekend, and with good reason.

on saturday my hometown Detroit Tigers take on the Texas Rangers in the opening game of the american league championship series. the Tigers are coming off an emotional week after defeating the New York Yankees in an all out 5-game battle to claim the american league division series.

next stop world series? this girl has a star to wish upon this october.

on top of that, the boy and my alma mater’s are matching up tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to the game! fall football and a northwestern university campus visit.

i’m so excited to cheer on my undefeated wolverines. the whole crew is making a day of the game, brunch in evanston, a tour of campus from our wildcat graduates, an alma mater tailgate, and my very first NIGHT GAME!!


here’s some of my favorite fun & cheerful finds:

chicago’s best bloody marys. brunch FTW. the best kickoff i can think of .

i’m coveting this infinity scarf! perfect for cozying up & outdoor activities.

spiced apple cider (with a little rum topper) would be a tailgating TREAT.

not only my game-day uniform, i tend to live in my cozy collegiate tees.

these players & coaching legends made the game we celebrate today.

i am needing THIS DRESS to celebrate a home team win!

it’s friday. let’s dance.

7 Oct

this week i’ve done the macarena  > 3 times.

WHAT THE WHAT?!, you say.

some would think that dancing the macarena more than once in the past ten years indicates maturity issues. but this time travel back to 1995 has been cheering me up during a week that’s had more lows than i’d like to admit.

for those of you familiar with the dance song phenomena, you’ll find this chart entertaining. my recollection & performance of the song resembles this breakdown.

in case you forgot the moves, this aweseome 90s videos will get your groove back. eeehhhhhhhh MACARENA!!!

later tonight i’ll be trading in my macarena moves for the Naked and Famous‘ ultra synth bliss. i’m in need of a girls date night like WOAH.

check out my favorite track, Girls Like You, off the 2010 album, Passive Me Aggressive You.

beat kitchen: unicyle loves you & rainbo video

6 Oct

i wasn’t lying when i said that october was a musical month.

an impromptu show popped up on my calendar for next monday eve and i could not be more excited. i’ve a close connection with the third act, and i’ve pretty much got unicycle loves you on repeat lately.

check out mirror mirror, the most recent album of the headliner. this psychedelic rock meets dream pop sound will catch your ear and capture your heart. im a sucker for angelic female vocals accompanied by a deep male voice.

my favorite tracks: quagga, teenage ghost house.

a personal favorite of mine, rainbo video’s new album is absolutely seasonally appropriate and full of epic haunting melodies, texture, and thoughtful composition. the evolution of the ambient layers builds throughout the album and concludes with the strikingly beautiful and rather experimental track, “hidden in the ice”.

my favorite tracks: crystal glaciers, sable ruins

if you’re in chicago, come check out the show at beat kitchen. doors at 7:30pm & music at 8. tickets available in advance via ticketweb!

so chicago, see you there?

lincoln park, you’ve won my heart.

5 Oct

last sunday we had the perfect fall day-date. warm sunlight, light fall jacket weather, and lots of hand holding. this girl was sold.

i’ve got to hand it to lincoln park zoo, it’s the greatest free space in the city. if you live in or near chicago, you must go. and seasonally. there are flowering gardens in the summer, bright foliage to behond and active (baby!) animals in the fall, and holiday zoo lights in the winter.

and that’s not to mention the incredible year long backdrop of chicago’s skyline and the wonderful lincoln park to which this little spot belongs. it’s all marvelous.

we started our date with lunch at the historic cafe brauer (below) on the far south side of the park.

i’m feeling so lucky to have dined alfresco just one more time this year. sandwiches for under $8 with the above view just can’t be beat.

{the boy took me for coffee post-zoo at noble tree cafe in lincoln park. reminded me of ann arbor. ahhhh, liberal intelluctuals.}{the day still isn’t done being gorgeous. an especially autumnal sunset spotted while waiting for the bus}
i hope i’ve convinced you, lincoln park is a treasure to be enjoyed year round.

fall webs.

4 Oct

spotted & hearted while dining outdoors at the zoo.

an elegant spider web glistening in the daylight.

’tis the season. autumn is here.