color block. 10/19/2011

wildcats & wolverines, oh my! 10/11/11

lincoln park, you’ve won my heart. 10/5/2011

fall webs. 10/4/2011

mitten trip. 9/28/2011

end of summering 9/19/2011

ruby red sunrise. 9/12/2011

cloud cover. 9/6/2011

notting hill carnival. 9/2/2011

london: the tate modern. 8/30/2011

home sweet hotel. 8/29/2011

london: day two in blue. 8/25/2011

london beginnings. 8/24/2011

sunday sightings. 8/21/2011

i see london, i see france. 8/19/2011

back to the grind. 8/8/2011

pure michigan. 8/6/2011

art trip to the arbor. 8/5/2011

ann arbor adventures. 8/4/2011

p4k music festival. 7/15/2011

in the park. 7/3/2011

green music. 6/25/2011

go outside. 6/16/2011

charleston. 6/4/2011

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