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take a break this weekend.

22 Oct

it’s been an intense work week for girl, so much so that i wasn’t even expecting to take a break from work. but lo and behold, i’ll be carving out a few hours for some time t0 myself to decompress, destress, de-everything.

i will take this advice!

what are you lovelies up to this weekend?

saturday i’m going to evanston with the boy to meet up with friends at his college reunion! [ah! we are getting old!] and sunday i’m going hunting for my halloween costume. i can’t wait to share!

here’s some fun finds floating around my mind, and the web:

i HATE soggy cereal. looks like i need some obol bowls!

a custom soundtrack to accompany your favorite book? WHAT?

dying to pull the trigger on this kate spade sweater. on sale! LUSTING

a rocking chair for two? don’t mind if i do. i can see many a conversation to be had in this.

the united states of scary things. tis the season.

it’s wellington time!

enjoy a cozy weekend.

15 Oct

after what feels like, and very well may be, months of events and travel and rush here-rush there, we are finally planning a weekend IN.

i’m indulging in an unsest alarm clock, healthy home-cooked dinners, movie night, and my fuzzy brown blanket. much as i love them, a weekend free from the curling iron and lipstick is oh so needed. i’m trading in my blazer and glitter flats for leggings and my vintage bears hoodie.

can you tell i’m excited to do nothing? because i am.

here’s some favorite cozy & relaxing finds to peruse, especially while kicking it on your couch (like me!)…

ready to get your fall apron on? soups for the season.

the perfect bed to fall into.

live in chicago? i recommend county line orchard for some apple picking.

i’m dying to try this pumpkin bread pudding.

adorable halloween party invites on etsy.

holy dairy bliss. fancy grilled cheese recipes! do i hear dinner party?

the always stylish beauty department tutorial for CANDY CORN NAILS!

have a cheer-y weekend!

8 Oct

i’m cheering my hardest this weekend, and with good reason.

on saturday my hometown Detroit Tigers take on the Texas Rangers in the opening game of the american league championship series. the Tigers are coming off an emotional week after defeating the New York Yankees in an all out 5-game battle to claim the american league division series.

next stop world series? this girl has a star to wish upon this october.

on top of that, the boy and my alma mater’s are matching up tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to the game! fall football and a northwestern university campus visit.

i’m so excited to cheer on my undefeated wolverines. the whole crew is making a day of the game, brunch in evanston, a tour of campus from our wildcat graduates, an alma mater tailgate, and my very first NIGHT GAME!!


here’s some of my favorite fun & cheerful finds:

chicago’s best bloody marys. brunch FTW. the best kickoff i can think of .

i’m coveting this infinity scarf! perfect for cozying up & outdoor activities.

spiced apple cider (with a little rum topper) would be a tailgating TREAT.

not only my game-day uniform, i tend to live in my cozy collegiate tees.

these players & coaching legends made the game we celebrate today.

i am needing THIS DRESS to celebrate a home team win!

have a spontaneous weekend.

30 Sep

this evening some very best friends are coming into town for an impromptu (partial) college reunion. we see each other 2, maybe 3, times a year so it’s a special special treat to have them in town.

there’s LOTS going on this weekend to boot. a concert with the boy on friday night, michigan football viewing with the girls, a birthday party for my rhyming urbanite, and a date with the lincoln park zoo. busy busy busy. i’ll be needing that earl grey latte come monday morning.

but for now, i’m basking in the excitement of putting on my party pants like i’m an undergrad all over again. forget the grocery shopping, laundry, and adulthood responsibilities; this weekend i’m committed to acting like it’s my senior year all over again.

{lets party like its acapulco 2006}

here’s to good friends, fall weather, college football, and birthday parties.

some fun finds to get you in the celebratory spirit:

the perfect guide for matching a dignified adult beverage to your duds

fun party-style and VERY vintage-meets-modern yellow eye-liner

i’d love to give or get an invite like this. reminds me of the stepmom proposal!

it is ABOUT time that i learn how to fishtail braid. leaner mermaid…

refuse to wear pants to the party! no pants!

a wedding weekend.

24 Sep

this weekend i’m reuniting with some WONDERFUL ladies from college to celebrate a good friend’s wedding back home in Michigan.

{the girls & i back in 2007! house photos in the law quad. yours truly is 3rd from the left}

i am all sorts of crazy excited about the events of the weekend: road trip home, a long weekend, seeing my family, FALL IN THE MITTEN, and seeing girls that i haven’t seen in 3 YEARS (since graduation!).

i cannot believe how inexcusably long it has been since i last danced my hardest with these loves. i’ve been counting down to this weekend & the wedding all month. (kristen, you will be a beautiful bride!)

going with the theme, here are some fun wedding finds, for your perusal:

hand-stitched wedding portraits are so charming & unique

would you ever get married at home? so cozy & vintage-y

how enchanting is this city hall wedding in NYC.

i’m a huge fan of simple wedding rings. lovely & classic gold bands

the perfect light pink nail polish

supermarket flowers for the bouquet. FTW

{ps. CONGRATULATIONS in advance, Kristen & Brian!}