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happy feet.

20 Oct

i’m working from home for a majority of october (more on that craziness later), which means that i get to wear my awesome CHIMP SLIPPERS around during the work day. basically it’s the most awesome perk, along with the 5-minute-break dance parties, turkey bacon accompanied breakfasts, and italo disco playing out loud in the home office. i’m even getting used to (and actually liking) the 18-hour work days i’m putting in. you read right. 18 hours. all in the name of obsessive perfectionism.

here’s to working hard & adorable slippers!

have a wonderful evening!

and yes, this post is absolutely going in the blog’s ‘style’ section. thank you, target dollar isle.

fall is for brooches and blazers.

18 Oct

you don’t need to know me well to know that i love accessories. this goes decades back to when i was 5 years old playing dress up with the neighbors. even then i knew it all started with the basics.

{wool tailored blazer, uniqlo}

a fitted black blazer which highlights the curves and waistline is the backbone of my fall wardrobe. i have the most difficult time finding jackets (petite with curves), so when i find one that fits, it is a hallelujah moment. this blazer was purchased as part of my uniqlo binge (i’ve a soft spot for japanese basics) while in london this summer. i couldn’t have gotten to the cash wrap sooner.

i love blazers because they are tailored and can dress up any outfit immediately. it’s so simple to go from day-to-night or from office-to-bar, as i so often would like. sleek, sexy, & sophisticated–that’s how i feel when i’m wearing one. they are the high heels of the upper body.

and like any fabulous basic, there are endless ways to personalize. with that, we come to another one of my favorites for fall–brooches.

i’m not sure when this fascination started (perhaps in high-school?), but over the years i’ve slowly been collecting brooches both old and new. in high school i was gifted my first vintage brooch which i still adore. these days my collection has more vintage pieces but i still keep an eye out contemporaries.

for example, this guy purchased via etsy from depapea’s shop. it came to me all the way from spain last week.

put a bird on it!!!

…or these guys, from my vintage brooch collection. i cannot stop wearing the red & orange starbusrt. pairing it with dark green has become an obsession.

currently lusting after this sophisticated gent brooch from depapea’s shop.

anyone else out there as emotionally invested in this style combo as i am?

chicago kids, any great vintage spots you recommend for treasure hunting?

handpainted studs.

3 Oct

brightly colored stud earrings are my achilles heel.

well that, headbands, scarves, perfume, and fancy bobby pins. so you get it, i love accessories. especially ones you can pick up (mostly) guilt free while sipping on a second glass of chardonnay.

i came across the eleanorjoseph etsy shop and had a classic spaz attack over her brightly colored earrings. every color in the rainbow and in simple geometric prints. well done!

 {i grabbed these for myself.}

{and these for my little sister, who just started her very first big girl job}

but LOOK at all the others.

{these guys scream HALLOWEEN. FALL. PUMPKIN!}

tempting? absolutely.

 i’ve been donning my pair since i got them and can attest to the quality and pop of fun they bring to my outfits. and at eight bucks a pop, they’re certainly more affordable that most indulgences. thanks, eleanorjoseph for making my day with these!

lip rouge.

29 Sep

gwynth paltrow got it right, “beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. that, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

this fall i’m all about red lipstick. and not just at night. something about starting my morning with some red lipstick feels indulgent and glamorous. it’s the kick in my step, empowering, utterly feminine, and a style statement. ultimately, i feel like it pulls the “look” together. and boy do i feel great when wearing it.

lately i’ve been getting lots of questions about my rouge lips, so i thought i’d share my favorite products & some tips i’ve learned along the way. buckle up and get ready for rouge!

first, always try red lipstick on your lips. skip the hand test, it can be misleading.

second, stick to a color that works with your skin tone and hair color. warning: orange-y reds will make your teeth look yellow. check out this helpful guide!

third, don’t be afraid to wear red lipstick all day. it’s cheery and bright.

fourth, always use a moisturizer (bliztex is my go to) as a base. chapped lips & lipstick are not a good combination.

here are some of my favorite red/pink lipsticks. Benefit and Lancome both have wonderful long-staying bright colors that work with every ensemble. on the right is my classic shade of red.

{benefit silk finish: nice knickers, lancome: posh pink, lancome: retro rouge}

if you aren’t quite ready to wear a bold lipstick, or if you’re looking for a glossy finish, these three products are my favorites.

{clinique superbalm: lilac, clinique glosswear: fireberry, estee lauder gloss pops: berry twist}

take the leap and try red this fall! you’ll love it, i promise!

a cape, for me?!

26 Sep

fall trends are popping up every which way.

strolling down michigan avenue i’ve been seeing LOTS of reoccurring themes, capes and plaid being key contributors. i’m bewitched with the idea of a fall cape, whether it be in plaid or a solid autumnal color. it’s such a stylish and elegant outerwear choice, not to mention straight out of the 60s.

i recently took the plunge with the ann taylor loft cape!

{leather trimmed double breasted cape, ann taylor loft}

**penny saver**

kate spade’s fall line is to blame for the beginning of my cape frenzy. i want ALL of this girl’s look, but seriously the cape is just to die for. please deliver this to me, as soon as possible. please & thank you.

{plaid sophie cape, kate spade}

{plaid duffle cape, steven alan}

{fatigue finery cape, anthropologie}

obsessed with this color green for fall, especially pairing it with a vibrant orange. i can see a bright orange brooch looking insanely beautiful with this.

{tahari belle caplet, nordstrom}


so my dears, what’s the verdict? to cape or not to cape?

while the kate spade is a serious lust item, the loft version is hugely affordable and the leather detailing has my heart. i’m looking forward to pairing with an old fashioned handbag and strolling down michigan avenue on a crisp fall day. fall win.

memoryhouse, the years.

23 Sep

memoryhouse serves up the perfect soundtrack for this transitional seasonry.

just like september, which doesn’t completely belong to summer or fall, so does this album. it’s full of the warmth of summer and undertones of winter’s cold distance. nostalgia seeps into every note. we’re carried along on a beautiful soundscape of pop melodies that resonate the past & our dreams.

listen to the full EP below, from Sub-Pop’s re-release of the band’s EP, The Years. my favorite track, Sleep Patterns,

i need not mention that the photography and videography that compliment this album are TO DIE FOR. gorgeous & a perfect accessory for the dreamy sounds.

tight tights!

21 Sep

my closet is PACKED with skirts. it’s true. i’ve been on a very committed mission to accumulate all the flouncy pocketed minis i can get my hands on.

you’re welcome, chicago loop retail!

what i love about skirts, that doesn’t feel nearly as transferrable as a summer dress, is that they can be multi-seasonal. a pair of stockings with heels, flats, or even knee high boots (if you’re feeling dangerous) transforms an outfit you wore in the heat of july into an autumnal layer.

last year i stuck to a combination of basic matte black tights with dressy black skirts during the colder months.

{i lived in these falke pure matte tights from saks. pricy but they’ve lasted!}

while black on black makes for a classicly chic combo, i’m looking to kick it up a notch this autumn & winter by mix-n-matching both patterned and solid skirts with fun tights. living on the edge over here in lakeview.

{some of my favorite minis. who says you can’t be bright in the fall?!}

both mod cloth (totally adorable indie & vintage inspired online boutique) and urban outfitters have an enormous selection of tights out as part of the fall fashion line-up. here are a few i’ve got my eye on. #1 and #2 are appropriately displayed first. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

{1. helix the cat tights, mod cloth 2. sparkles and bows tights, mod cloth 3. garden hosiery tights, mod cloth 4. heart tight, urban outfitters}

as i declared last night during one of my fashion rants, “i plan to buy a truck ton of tights this fall!!!!”.