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it’s friday. let’s dance.

7 Oct

this week i’ve done the macarena  > 3 times.

WHAT THE WHAT?!, you say.

some would think that dancing the macarena more than once in the past ten years indicates maturity issues. but this time travel back to 1995 has been cheering me up during a week that’s had more lows than i’d like to admit.

for those of you familiar with the dance song phenomena, you’ll find this chart entertaining. my recollection & performance of the song resembles this breakdown.

in case you forgot the moves, this aweseome 90s videos will get your groove back. eeehhhhhhhh MACARENA!!!

later tonight i’ll be trading in my macarena moves for the Naked and Famous‘ ultra synth bliss. i’m in need of a girls date night like WOAH.

check out my favorite track, Girls Like You, off the 2010 album, Passive Me Aggressive You.

pumped up kicks.

7 Oct

i’ve mentioned many times before, i’ve an affinity for poppy upbeat songs with a subliminally dark lyrical undertone. interesting, i know.

take Craft Spell’s “For the Ages” or the Antlers’ “Bear“; they present a sunshine-y beat, one fit for skipping and foot tapping. but listen closer and there’s a sad and unsettling message. the auditory & emotional sensation resembles the visual experience of the opening of scene of David Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet.

Foster the People‘s new jam, “pumped up kids”, is of the same vein. the blissfully catchy chorus masks the dark lyrics which echo the columbine high massacre of 1997. the realization of what the lyrics mean is disconcerting at the least. it’s rare that the issue of teen violence is brought to light through a song, especially in this genre. most indie pop & rock songs are of found and lost love. this band takes a controversial stance by addressing more serious and cerebral content. i appreciate that. in addition to dreamy escapism, music should also reflect on the culture and society that we live in.

here’s the song, for your listening. it really is a catchy tune; the bright, simple, and purposefully bold hooks pull you right in. before you know it, you’re humming the tune in the middle of your 3pm meeting (whoops!).

beat kitchen: unicyle loves you & rainbo video

6 Oct

i wasn’t lying when i said that october was a musical month.

an impromptu show popped up on my calendar for next monday eve and i could not be more excited. i’ve a close connection with the third act, and i’ve pretty much got unicycle loves you on repeat lately.

check out mirror mirror, the most recent album of the headliner. this psychedelic rock meets dream pop sound will catch your ear and capture your heart. im a sucker for angelic female vocals accompanied by a deep male voice.

my favorite tracks: quagga, teenage ghost house.

a personal favorite of mine, rainbo video’s new album is absolutely seasonally appropriate and full of epic haunting melodies, texture, and thoughtful composition. the evolution of the ambient layers builds throughout the album and concludes with the strikingly beautiful and rather experimental track, “hidden in the ice”.

my favorite tracks: crystal glaciers, sable ruins

if you’re in chicago, come check out the show at beat kitchen. doors at 7:30pm & music at 8. tickets available in advance via ticketweb!

so chicago, see you there?

fall time. concert time.

30 Sep

fall is always a great time for concerts, especially in chicago. bands are more available as the summer festivals wrap up. new albums are released and so starts the touring season.

boy do i love me some autumn concert dates.

when i look back on our october calendar last year i’m amazed at the number of concerts we went to in a month (7!). bless my little overzealous music loving heart. now that fall is upon us, its looking like we’re falling into a pattern. concerts abound!!!

my chicago concert line-up for autumn 2011:

oval at the MCA on friday, september 30.

naked and famous on friday, october 7.

the field at the empty bottle on thursday, october 20.

kranky tour ft. benoit pioulard at Lincoln Hall on sunday, november 6.

feist at the riviera on friday, november 9th.

keep shelly in athens at lincoln hall on monday, november 14th

memoryhouse at lincoln hall on wednesday, november 16th.

m83 at lincoln hall on thursday, november 17th.

are you lovelies checking out any shows this season?

shake down 1979.

27 Sep

OH! this cover by Remix Artist Collective of the Smashing Pumpkin’s “1979” is AWESOME. I can’t stop listening to the glittery synth sounds accompanied by light & airy female vocals. so carefree and pretty.

nicely done, RAC. if you’re as enchanted as i am, download the track for free here  and listen to entire RAC album via soundcloud. they mostly do remixes, which i’ve found to be highly fun.

memoryhouse, the years.

23 Sep

memoryhouse serves up the perfect soundtrack for this transitional seasonry.

just like september, which doesn’t completely belong to summer or fall, so does this album. it’s full of the warmth of summer and undertones of winter’s cold distance. nostalgia seeps into every note. we’re carried along on a beautiful soundscape of pop melodies that resonate the past & our dreams.

listen to the full EP below, from Sub-Pop’s re-release of the band’s EP, The Years. my favorite track, Sleep Patterns,

i need not mention that the photography and videography that compliment this album are TO DIE FOR. gorgeous & a perfect accessory for the dreamy sounds.

friday i’m in love.

16 Sep

monday you can fall apart
tuesday, wednesday break my heart
oh, thursday doesn’t even start
it’s friday I’m in love

listen via grooveshark for a friday throwback to put you in a weekending mood.