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leaner loves it.

24 Oct

i’m excited to share that over the weekend i set up a tumblr!

aptly named leaner loves it, i think of this little spot as a treasure box for all those pretty things i discover and lust over, be it photography, text, art, design, etc. leaner loves it will collect of all these gems and keep them safe for curation and reflection. rest assured, i’ll share of them here as well!

here’s to more beautiful art, more treasure hunting, and more time for soaking it all in.

decorative gourd season!

21 Oct

it’s decorative gourd season!!!

over the past few weeks i’ve been obsessing over every autumnal detail, from pumpkin spiced coffee to capes. when we were at whole foods last weekend i fawned over the gourds display for an enormously long amount of time. this same situation occurred at the local farmers market. BARRELS OF GOURDS!

and so, the seasonal decorating, which will not commence until the end of january has begun. here’s my little pumpkin & gourd centerpiece on the side table in our living room.

hey, whatever makes your day. this most definitely makes mine.

i’m wishing i had a lamp-post to tie some cornstalks to…

…or a front gate on which to hang spooky cobwebs, as spotted in lincoln park.

any decorating tips for this seasonally obsessed girl?

color block.

19 Oct

spotted on the patio at work, gorgeous yellow-orange leaved trees.

seeing these trees changing on the patio has been a delight.

hollywood sweethearts.

13 Oct

it’s no secret that i’m in love with everything about joanne woodward.

her style, grace, and classic elegance are genuine and unaffected. in addition to her iconic femininity, she’s light-hearted and carefree. can i be like that when i grow up?

the cherry on top — her seriously adorable relationship with leading man paul newman. couple for the win.

this trombone picture makes me melt.

Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat…

–Joanne Woodward

this quote and these photos made me weak in the knees.

zoo date.

2 Oct

we’re off to the zoo today! this gorgeous weekend fall weather must be enjoyed!

i adore the lincoln park zoo;  it looks straight out of a children’s storybook–traditional, quaint, and friendly.

my favorites to see are the chimps, tigers, and zebras.

i can’t say i’ll be as brave as my favorite french girl, madeline…

have a wonderful sunday!


29 Sep

here’s to working with some fantastic & supportive colleagues on a challenging and insanely exciting project.

when the going gets tough, we buy cookies.

a much welcomed sunshine-y day brightener.

fall into the season.

23 Sep

happy first day of autumn, everyone!

tis’ a wonderful season for all things cozy, warm, and cinnamon spicy. here’s to enjoying the next wonderful season on the docket. i’ve got some great stuff lined up to share-lots of new recipes and adventures! a season change is a perfect excuse for a little change of pace.

as with any season, i’ve got some classics & new things i’d like to try out. my fall wish list:

  • bake a pumpkin pie from scratch
  • make homemade pumpkin spice lattes & pumpkin spice muffins
  • take photos of the colors changing along lake michigan
  • pick apples at the orchard next to our lake house in michigan
  • take long walks in the crisp cool air (preferably with a warm beverage in hand)
  • attend a U of M football game (we are going to U of M vs NWU!)
  • host a chicago friends thanksgiving at our apartment
  • carve pumpkins for halloween & bake the seeds

have a wonderful first day of fall!