hi! welcome to my little spot.

i’m eileen. i live in chicago’s lakeview with my boyfriend, where i’m creating what finally feels like my very own home, navigating my way through adulthood, and experiencing chicago and life in my twenties.

‘leaner’ has been my childhood nickname since i can remember; the use of this name is always the mark of when an acquaintance has turned into a friend.

so then, my new friends, let me share with you all my ponderings as i experience ‘big girl’ life in the lovely chicago. there’s sure to be a good amount of childhood nostalgia, whimsy, and not so grown-up obsessions to balance out all the clearly adult steps i encounter along the way.

this little blog started out as a place for me to mix creativity into my very quantitative daily life. i’ll let my first post, from june 2011, do all the explaining…


in true chicago fashion, spring seems to have escaped us; rather, summer has sprung. in fact, we’ve leapt head first into it. the sudden onset of summer has plunged me into a frenzy of planning for activities which i’ve been restricted to fantasizing about for the past eight months. it is with the revisiting of wish lists and ideas for summer that i’ve dusted off a side note that i made for myself last summer–to write for pleasure.

increasingly over the past year i’ve felt the need to expand on what i’ve always had running in the background but largely kept to my thoughts. this year saw large-scale changes in life, exciting ones, which helped me define more clearly the person i am growing up to be. this blog is my attempt to bring creativity to more of a forefront in my life.

i invite you to share in my journey through summer and the many seasons to come as i experience life in my twenties. penned from my apartment in chicago’s lakeview, this blog will feature the adventures, inspirations, and ponderings of my daily life and cultural interests.


2 Responses to “about”

  1. Benj June 5, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    well, hello!
    i would just like to say that i find your blog cute.
    specifically, i like your blog name: learner by the lake. cool!
    cheers! :)

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