pumpkin brews!

12 Oct

yestreday evening, while picking up dinner at whole foods the boy suggested we grab some “seasonal brews”.

by golly, this man knows me well. SEASONAL EXCITEMENT OVERLOAD ensued. i knocked over at least six patrons busting it to the microbrew ailse. yup, a whole dedicated aisle.

i grabbed Post Road’s Pumpkin Ale and the boy selected what can only be described as a perfect expression of his tomfollery, a beer called Pranqster. our selection took us at least 15 minutes since Whole Foods takes autumnal consumption very seriously. so. many. choices.

check out some of the contenders, which we’re sure to sample over the coming months:

{dogfish head pumpkin ale, samuel adam harvest pumpkin ale, schlafly pumpkin ale, sixpoint autumnation pumpkin beer, shipyard pumpkinhead ale}

feeling a little lost by the variety & recent take-over of your local microbrewery section by these seasonal specialties? esquire posted a highly educational review of the best & worst of the pumpkin brews available this fall.

do you have a favorite fall beer? i’d love to hear suggestions!

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