pumped up kicks.

7 Oct

i’ve mentioned many times before, i’ve an affinity for poppy upbeat songs with a subliminally dark lyrical undertone. interesting, i know.

take Craft Spell’s “For the Ages” or the Antlers’ “Bear“; they present a sunshine-y beat, one fit for skipping and foot tapping. but listen closer and there’s a sad and unsettling message. the auditory & emotional sensation resembles the visual experience of the opening of scene of David Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet.

Foster the People‘s new jam, “pumped up kids”, is of the same vein. the blissfully catchy chorus masks the dark lyrics which echo the columbine high massacre of 1997. the realization of what the lyrics mean is disconcerting at the least. it’s rare that the issue of teen violence is brought to light through a song, especially in this genre. most indie pop & rock songs are of found and lost love. this band takes a controversial stance by addressing more serious and cerebral content. i appreciate that. in addition to dreamy escapism, music should also reflect on the culture and society that we live in.

here’s the song, for your listening. it really is a catchy tune; the bright, simple, and purposefully bold hooks pull you right in. before you know it, you’re humming the tune in the middle of your 3pm meeting (whoops!).

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