films for fall.

6 Oct

every morning last week i woke up to weather that screamed “don’t get out of bed! stay here. watch a movie. be cozy!”.

summer is wonderful & chicagoans look forward to it with an unmatched passion during those everlasting winters that seem to creep their way into “spring”. in fact, we love summer so much that nearly every year by the time september rolls around, we’re broke, exhausted, and sunburnt. no?

so you see, fall is welcomed with open arms in this household. that guilt complex of absolutely having to be outside during every waking moment of sunlight fades away as the air becomes crisp and cool. and just like that, i’m trading in my flip-flops for blazers and cinnamon spiced coffee.

fall brings the comforts of familiar & expected cool weather favorites–apple picking, pumpkin flavored everything, college football games, and rainy days curled up inside enjoying a lazy afternoon double feature.

today i’m sharing my rather eclectic list of favorite films, and one television series, to watch during autumn.

{a rom-com classic. gorgeous new york scenery. the plutonic friendship turned relationship feels all too familiar for this girl.}

{a television series shot like a film. haunting & dream-like, twin peaks will have you enthralled in murder mystery & the paranormal. david lynch is a master of the eerie.}

{i swear i’m not obsessed with ms. ryan. this movie is cute, cozy, and 90s fun}

side note, isn’t it interesting that this film is about book conglomerates taking over mom & pop book shops. those same “friendly” conglomerates were mourned earlier this year as they posted “out of business” signs around the country.

{a wonderfully inspiring period film complete with east coast scenery.}

{there isn’t much i don’t adore about this movie. it’s got that creepy, dark, suspenseful feel. i’m typically not a tim burton fan, but he got me with this one.}

don’t watch alone. i say this out of experience.

{we end with a quirky dramedy & a star packed cast. i loved seeing gwyneth in this role. alex baldwin’s voice is oh so charming as the narrator & the soundtrack is to-die-for}

do you have autumnal film favorites?

i’m going to hop right into the season and watch one this evening!

2 Responses to “films for fall.”

  1. Janet Mulloy October 6, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    Hi -thought of you folks in Chicago yesterday when the news said they believe the Chicago/midwest winter will be unusually brutal this year-58′” of snow. Bottom line-I agree with you totally, we all better enjoy fall and I will personally try some of your suggestions =)

    Love ya!


    • leaner by the lake October 6, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

      i highly suggest checking out october sky if you haven’t seen it. i think dad would like it!

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