beat kitchen: unicyle loves you & rainbo video

6 Oct

i wasn’t lying when i said that october was a musical month.

an impromptu show popped up on my calendar for next monday eve and i could not be more excited. i’ve a close connection with the third act, and i’ve pretty much got unicycle loves you on repeat lately.

check out mirror mirror, the most recent album of the headliner. this psychedelic rock meets dream pop sound will catch your ear and capture your heart. im a sucker for angelic female vocals accompanied by a deep male voice.

my favorite tracks: quagga, teenage ghost house.

a personal favorite of mine, rainbo video’s new album is absolutely seasonally appropriate and full of epic haunting melodies, texture, and thoughtful composition. the evolution of the ambient layers builds throughout the album and concludes with the strikingly beautiful and rather experimental track, “hidden in the ice”.

my favorite tracks: crystal glaciers, sable ruins

if you’re in chicago, come check out the show at beat kitchen. doors at 7:30pm & music at 8. tickets available in advance via ticketweb!

so chicago, see you there?

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