lincoln park, you’ve won my heart.

5 Oct

last sunday we had the perfect fall day-date. warm sunlight, light fall jacket weather, and lots of hand holding. this girl was sold.

i’ve got to hand it to lincoln park zoo, it’s the greatest free space in the city. if you live in or near chicago, you must go. and seasonally. there are flowering gardens in the summer, bright foliage to behond and active (baby!) animals in the fall, and holiday zoo lights in the winter.

and that’s not to mention the incredible year long backdrop of chicago’s skyline and the wonderful lincoln park to which this little spot belongs. it’s all marvelous.

we started our date with lunch at the historic cafe brauer (below) on the far south side of the park.

i’m feeling so lucky to have dined alfresco just one more time this year. sandwiches for under $8 with the above view just can’t be beat.

{the boy took me for coffee post-zoo at noble tree cafe in lincoln park. reminded me of ann arbor. ahhhh, liberal intelluctuals.}{the day still isn’t done being gorgeous. an especially autumnal sunset spotted while waiting for the bus}
i hope i’ve convinced you, lincoln park is a treasure to be enjoyed year round.

2 Responses to “lincoln park, you’ve won my heart.”

  1. Janet Mulloy October 5, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    lovely photos-luv the design in the cap-maybe you can learn how to do that and show me =) Luv ya!

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