lip rouge.

29 Sep

gwynth paltrow got it right, “beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. that, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

this fall i’m all about red lipstick. and not just at night. something about starting my morning with some red lipstick feels indulgent and glamorous. it’s the kick in my step, empowering, utterly feminine, and a style statement. ultimately, i feel like it pulls the “look” together. and boy do i feel great when wearing it.

lately i’ve been getting lots of questions about my rouge lips, so i thought i’d share my favorite products & some tips i’ve learned along the way. buckle up and get ready for rouge!

first, always try red lipstick on your lips. skip the hand test, it can be misleading.

second, stick to a color that works with your skin tone and hair color. warning: orange-y reds will make your teeth look yellow. check out this helpful guide!

third, don’t be afraid to wear red lipstick all day. it’s cheery and bright.

fourth, always use a moisturizer (bliztex is my go to) as a base. chapped lips & lipstick are not a good combination.

here are some of my favorite red/pink lipsticks. Benefit and Lancome both have wonderful long-staying bright colors that work with every ensemble. on the right is my classic shade of red.

{benefit silk finish: nice knickers, lancome: posh pink, lancome: retro rouge}

if you aren’t quite ready to wear a bold lipstick, or if you’re looking for a glossy finish, these three products are my favorites.

{clinique superbalm: lilac, clinique glosswear: fireberry, estee lauder gloss pops: berry twist}

take the leap and try red this fall! you’ll love it, i promise!

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