a wedding weekend.

24 Sep

this weekend i’m reuniting with some WONDERFUL ladies from college to celebrate a good friend’s wedding back home in Michigan.

{the girls & i back in 2007! house photos in the law quad. yours truly is 3rd from the left}

i am all sorts of crazy excited about the events of the weekend: road trip home, a long weekend, seeing my family, FALL IN THE MITTEN, and seeing girls that i haven’t seen in 3 YEARS (since graduation!).

i cannot believe how inexcusably long it has been since i last danced my hardest with these loves. i’ve been counting down to this weekend & the wedding all month. (kristen, you will be a beautiful bride!)

going with the theme, here are some fun wedding finds, for your perusal:

hand-stitched wedding portraits are so charming & unique

would you ever get married at home? so cozy & vintage-y

how enchanting is this city hall wedding in NYC.

i’m a huge fan of simple wedding rings. lovely & classic gold bands

the perfect light pink nail polish

supermarket flowers for the bouquet. FTW

{ps. CONGRATULATIONS in advance, Kristen & Brian!}

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