tight tights!

21 Sep

my closet is PACKED with skirts. it’s true. i’ve been on a very committed mission to accumulate all the flouncy pocketed minis i can get my hands on.

you’re welcome, chicago loop retail!

what i love about skirts, that doesn’t feel nearly as transferrable as a summer dress, is that they can be multi-seasonal. a pair of stockings with heels, flats, or even knee high boots (if you’re feeling dangerous) transforms an outfit you wore in the heat of july into an autumnal layer.

last year i stuck to a combination of basic matte black tights with dressy black skirts during the colder months.

{i lived in these falke pure matte tights from saks. pricy but they’ve lasted!}

while black on black makes for a classicly chic combo, i’m looking to kick it up a notch this autumn & winter by mix-n-matching both patterned and solid skirts with fun tights. living on the edge over here in lakeview.

{some of my favorite minis. who says you can’t be bright in the fall?!}

both mod cloth (totally adorable indie & vintage inspired online boutique) and urban outfitters have an enormous selection of tights out as part of the fall fashion line-up. here are a few i’ve got my eye on. #1 and #2 are appropriately displayed first. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

{1. helix the cat tights, mod cloth 2. sparkles and bows tights, mod cloth 3. garden hosiery tights, mod cloth 4. heart tight, urban outfitters}

as i declared last night during one of my fashion rants, “i plan to buy a truck ton of tights this fall!!!!”.

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