end of summering.

19 Sep

saturday we embarked on what i would consider the last of our summering activities–an annual trip to six flags great america. and while the crisp air & light warm sunshine felt just as the beginning of fall should, the mood was completely summer. a carefree saturday with no place to be but riding coasters with friends. not a worry in the world.

ps. thanks to blair & dave for a perfect double couple date. our full-on suburbanite experience made me a very happy girl.

some shots from our day!

{first coaster of the day: superman.}

{credit to the boy for this shot. batman coaster}

{bird’s eye view of the park from the observatory. serious win}

{merry-go-round. reminds me of greenfield village trips when i was a little girl. this puppy is a double-decker!}

{capping off the day with a classic. blair and i, ready to ride!}

{fall marigolds. precious colors.}

{bye, great america!}

do you have any end of summer activities? for the past two years we’ve closed our summer with this trip.

after the fall temperatures this week i’m feeling ALL SORTS of ready for autumn activities. more obsessions on that to come…

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