have a carefree weekend!

17 Sep

this weekend we’re off to great america with friends to [belatedly] celebrate the boy’s birthday! a perfect end of summer activity, if you ask me.

i LOVE everything about roller coasters–the feeling when your stomach drops in mid-air, the anticipation of approaching the highest drop, gripping hands with the person next to you. it’s all a rush. oh, and they have elephant ears and funnel cake there.


here’s some things floating around my mind, and the web:

an anticipated new jeffrey eugenides novel, The Marriage Plot, out this october.

this herringbone mini is perfect for showing some leg this fall, a la j. crew.

my favorite fall beverage indulgence, pumpkin spice lattes, are back!

a mustache broach to pin on a fall blazer? YES.

this print makes me smile. pretty sure i ran around like a wild one when i was little.

you’d NEVER be able to get me to come down from this tree house .

the most decadent meets nostalgic dessert i can imagine: pb & j tiramisu

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