awesome people hanging out.

15 Sep

the boy pointed me to this ADORABLE little duet performed by zooey deschanel & ben schwartz to the tune of “tonight you belong to me”. they’re accompanied by a yukaleli– i’m dying over this. serious bf win for sending this my way.

isn’t her voice the coolest? i remember hunting endlessly on the internet for her rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside after seeing her performance in Elf (2003).

and do you recognize the gent in the video? perhaps from parks and rec as jean raphio–the sleezy guy hanging around the parks department, known for highly suspect business and romantic ventures.

hilarious that these two should be performing this little number together, right? well folks, there’s more where that came from. check out of the source, Awesome People Hanging Out. the moments captured range the gamut of heartwarming to questionable to straight up nostalgic.

some favorite shots:

jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, elvis presley, and johnny cash.

louis armstrong and grace kelly.

alfred hitchcock & françois truffaut

clark gable, van heflin, gary cooper, and jimmy stewart

joanne woodward baking sweet rolls, paul newman making eggs, and anthony perkins dancing.

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