the daily to and fro.

14 Sep

gettin’ around town is important!

city commuting is a topic near and dear to my heart. here are some transportation tidbits from recent news, a mix of fun finds & realistic expectations for a large and growing city, like chicago.

a dutch railway station recently installed a “transfer accelerator“, also know as a slide, to increase commute efficiency.


leave it to the dutch to crack the code on bringing a playground hit into the daily to and fro.

or how about this, chicago?  tourist lanes on sidewalks. hilarious!

as a city resident, i can attest that its highly inconvenient to be bogged down during your typical daily commute by tourist traffic. i’m allowed to say this, because i’m admittedly hypocritical and am 100% that person meandering in the sidewalk, taking snapshots on my iphone, and busting out maps in the middle of the street when i’m visiting another city (ahem, london).

speaking of regulated commuting lanes, i’ve always wondered ranted on the topic of bus lanes, especially during those jam-packed mornings spent on lake shore drive. chicago is begging for more efficient and sustainable commuting.

why must my morning commute be cursed by car commuters who, for the greater part, are one to a vehicle? what happened to car pooling? ironically chicago was the first city to enact bus lanes in 1939, though they sure aren’t around these days. but all hope isn’t lost,  a recent article breathes new life into my bus lane dreams–aptly titled “rapid transit lanes”. i can see it now–the 148 rocket ship blasting down lake shore drive. me, popping champagne and mixing mimosas as we zoom past lanes of bogged down car traffic. ahhhhh…

{spotted in london. i dream of these.}

along the lines of commuting fantasies coming true, chicago recently announced plans to make the city more bike friendly with the addition of protected bike lanes. in fact, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed to adding 25 miles of lanes each year.


this makes me happy. as a biker, i’m terrified of getting “doored” (biking straight into a passenger opening their driver side door when parked). just last night the boy and i were in a cab which went past this spot on kinzie road. i want to bike down there just to use the paths!

i know i’m blessed to live in a city with public transportation at all, but i can’t help but dream for some of these improvements to come to fruition.

my dears, what are your transportation dreams for getting around town? am i crazy for being so passionate about commuting?

One Response to “the daily to and fro.”

  1. Janet September 14, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Just love that slide!!!!!

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