early onset autumn.

8 Sep

i am being seasonally teased.

just as i’ve started to adjust to london’s cooler temperatures (the high 50s), i’ll be hopping back on a plane to chicago where it’s sure to be at least 20 degrees warmer on a good day. you’d think i’d be itching to get back to warmer weather, but being in london during this interesting time of year where it’s anything goes with the weather, i’ve gotten used to the cooler temperatures.

to say that i’m a seasonally affected person is putting it lightly. my food, activities, social life, cooking, fashion, mood–they are all strongly related to the weather and most definitely the season. i get jazzed up about the arrival of every season. planning mode kicks in and its a full force bonanza of calendar invites.

stlye is one of the most fun parts of living in a part of the country that fully experiences four seasons. by the end of summer, i’m always looking forward to donning some autumnal colors and longer sleeves. SCARFS. LIGHT JACKETS. BLAZERS. FALL CLOTHING OVERDRIVE.

this week has felt exactly like autumn should in london. in honor of this momentous wardrobe & weather change, i thought i’d share with you my first fall outfit of the season!

i’m in LOVE with this combination.

{cardigan, uniqlo. infinity scarf, urban outfitters.}

i paired my fall duds with these lil beauties.

the patterns and colors work so well together. i’ve never been one for animal print, but these are just the best. betsy johnson also makes some incredibly hip printed studs.

{stretch cotton twill minnie pant, j.crew}

i’m STILL wearing my j.crew minnie pants that i bought last year. i wore them last fall, part of the winter, nearly all of spring, and they’ve made their way right back into the fall lineup as my favorite pant yet again.

they are the ultimate go to for a business casual, comfortable, and insanely flattering pant. i’ve worn them everywhere from the bar, to date night, and to present in at work. the side zip eliminates all that ‘button at the waistline’ nonsense that make pants unbearable to sit in all day and seriously tragic at times. long story short. these pants make you hot. they. just. do.

more fall style faves to come. this is just the beginning!

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