cemetery stroll.

7 Sep

today i took a stroll to the local food market on whitecross street during my lunch break.

lo and behold a cemetery!

since i was a little girl, i’ve always enjoyed walking through cemeteries. i’m fascinated by the old graves, the history and stories behind (or underneath) them. it’s completely morbid, i know, but they make me think a little deeper about history and how long things extend before and after our time. nothing snaps you back into reality like a stroll through a cemetery. those little stressors that i tend to fixate on? gone.

bunhill fields is a historic graveyard located straight across the street from our london office. it’s home to very wise tenants, daniel defoe and william blake for example. walking through this spot on a sunny day is totally gorgeous, especially during this transitional summer meets fall situation.

dear chicago,

i’m coming home to you soon. and i’m thinking i just may be ready for that autumn weather you so famously deliver on cue, every mid-september.

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