cloud cover.

6 Sep

i’ve an obsession with clouds. i always have.

it’s not about making sense of them in shapes or figures. i mostly love when they look painted on the sky on a sunshine-y day, or the loom before a summer storm when you can feel how hauntingly beautiful nature is.

in chicago, where my apartment overlooks the harbor and lake michigan, i’m privy to all sorts of beautiful storm clouds and weather changes. i see it before the city feels it. it’s exciting to watch the weather from up there, all cozy inside with the weather buzzing and transforming around you. i spend far too much time getting excited over this.

now that i’m in london, my experience with weather is different. 1) i no longer get to see things before they hit. and 2) it’s three seasons in one day on this side of the pond. i’ll walk out of my hotel into sun and 70 degrees and BOOM, three minutes later it is 52 degrees and pouring for two hours. what is that about?! no warning. no looming clouds for an hour before. just a sudden onset weather change. people here don’t even flinch. i learned the hard way to carry an umbrella at all times.

because of this, london has got some incredible sky scenery. they say the clouds here are so beautiful because they change fast, as does the weather. even on a sunny day, the clouds feel RIGHT on top of the city, close and menacing. this girl has been paying close attention to the gorgeous hues and apocalyptic drapery across the sky.

today you’re in for a treat. i’m offering you a tour of some of my favorites spots in london–by cloud cover of course.

when what’s above you looks like this, you can’t help but pay attention.

olivers yard.

millenium bridge

oxford circus

the tate modern

leonard street

pretty. pretty. pretty things.

2 Responses to “cloud cover.”

  1. Janet Mulloy September 6, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    I really think you are following in my footsteps in yet another crazy interest… Love these pics- I am assuming you took them!

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