london: the tate modern

30 Aug

saturday afternoon i ventured out into london to soak up some modern and contemporary art at london’s world famous Tate Modern. AND LET ME TELL YOU was this the best museum experience i have ever had. ever.

now i’m no expert, but i’ve seen a fair amount of art and musesms and this one takes the cake.

of course, in true eileen travelling fashion, this was not a cakewalk exploration. the tube (subway) station near my hotel was closed, i took the wrong bus in the wrong direction, and walked the wrong way for a mile. and then, when i’m ALMOST to the tate, while crossing the bridge across the thames, does a RAIN STROM come upon me–sideways rain to boot. the kind you can’t even pretend to escape.

but it all didn’t matter. because as i walked into Tate i completely fell in love–with the structure, the people, the sense of community, the education–all of it.

here is a blip of the delightful art & views i saw:

st. paul’s cathedral

oh hey, here is a picture taken as i was RUNNING across millenium bridge during a sudden onset rain storm.

thanks, london summer. :)

made it across millennium bridge. soaking wet.

birch lined entrance to the tate.

john heartfield.

photojournalism depiction of the annex of  austria from germany.

ai weiwei.

composed of millions of tiny ceramic sunflower seeds, representing the mao rule over china, where chairman mao is depicted as the sun and the civilians as a vast field of sunflowers turning towards his rule.

francis picabia.

diane arbus.

these identical twins totally made me think of The Shining.

view from inside the gallery.

victor pasmore.

henri matisse.

one of matisse’s last pieces. made by instruction from his bed as he lay dying of cancer. his assistants painted & matisse cut the shapes to form a snail shell like circular pattern.

taryn smith.

my FAVORITE exhibit, where controversial social or political issues are explained through family lineage and biographical & historical photonarrative. it took me 2 hours to walk through the entire exhibit.

gunter uecker.

this one i adore for the shadows. depending on the time of day, the highlighted patterns and motion of the piece can be completely variable. it evolves. i love the motion & the idea that it can be experienced in so many different ways.

marisa merz.

aluminium & untitled, but they look like jelly fish to me. an enormous sculpture.

do ho suh.

suspended staircase (to scale) replicating the artists apartment in nyc.

susumu koshimizu.

exposure to wood grain texture through surface cuts by saw.abraham cruzvillegas.

jenny holzer.

before recrossing the bridge.

beautiful structure.

there it is! an art filled saturday along the thames. i love you, tate!

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