home sweet hotel.

29 Aug

my friends, have you ever stayed in a hotel for an extended period of time?

i never have until now. i’m staying at the Hoxton Hotel in london for 3 weeks! it’s a long period of time to be living in a hotel, but it has become home very very fast. i’ve got my little routine down and i’m really enjoying the coziness of a smaller space (temporarily at least).

just today i realized how much more homey a hotel feels when you unpack & stay long enough to bring personal touches. take for instance, the little pile of daily favorites that i keep on the desk near my bed. for those who know me even mildly well this pile has my name written all over it.

all my necessities & little luxuries in one place. it makes me feel at home to see these items.

{congo, marc jacobs compact mirror, bobby pins, rosebud lip balm, kate spade gold bell earrings, le pens, moleskin notebook, compressed powder, map of london}

similarly, perhaps it is so easy to be at home here because it’s a space & design i enjoy. the Hoxton manages to blend comfort, design, luxury, and simplicity into the hotel and visiting experience. i feel so taken care of while i’m here, the hospitality has been incredible. yet, the hotel is uber hip and trendy. i’d of previously thought that modern would translate into cold and unwelcoming. i’ve been pleasantly proven wrong.

entry way

doesn’t this place make you want to curl up?

SO SO COZY. i curl up down here with a glass of red wine.

nifty little hall space on the way out the side entrance.

free pret et manger breakfast delivered to your door every morning!

paper, scissors, stone throw pillows. AWESOME.

this hallway feels like a bank vault meets 1984 meets 80’s sci-fi.

this is my home for the next two weeks (one week down). thus far, i’d recommend it to anyone looking to try out a quirky and fun hotel in a hip neighborhood (think wicker park for the chicago readers).

{i should mention that it is by far the cleanest hotel i have ever stayed in. props.}

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