london: day two in blue.

25 Aug

some observations from my second day in london.

taken during my morning commute & evening dinner procurement.

i pass this sculpture every day on my commute.

it makes me smile. especially the pop of red inside the “x” and the old men who perch on the bench sipping their morning coffee. cities are the best.

bikes for rental are EVERYWHERE throughout the city.

what a fabulous concept! and bike lanes are everywhere too! so commuter friendly. pats on back, london!

apparently this is a new initiative  as of 2010. here’s the gist–you pay one flat fee (~£40/year) to use the bikes, from any location throughout the city. in talking with folks here, it’s inspired lots of young people to start commuting via bike to work.

a win for sustainable transportation & healthy living! chicago can learn from this.

a brilliant blue chair. spotted while waiting for my thai food.

ps. hoxton square is a treasure trove of hip & eclectic restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. if you visit london go there.

a gorgeous shade of indigo pops out.

i am NEEDING this doorway for my apartment. absolute perfection.

notice a common theme here? maybe i was noticing all the blue today since i’m in need of a calming influence.

i’m the first to admit that i get worked up, stressed out, maxed out–you name it. typically i’m surrounded by friends and a very wonderful boyfriend who help keep me sane when everything else is feeling out of control crazy.

now i’m in a new place and on my own during what is proving to be a seriously stressful work week. turns out that all my walking around, noticing the intricate details of streets and architecture did the trick. {well that, and the large glass of merlot sitting next to me.} today’s adventures & sightings made me appreciate a beautiful temperate day in london–one i might have missed if i hadn’t been so alone.

here’s to relaxing and soaking in our surroundings.

3 Responses to “london: day two in blue.”

  1. Beth August 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Love the idea of making blue the theme of this entry!! Very creative and a good way to show snippets of everything you’re seeing as you explore.

    • leaner by the lake August 26, 2011 at 3:30 am #

      it was so weird. i didn’t mean to take a bunch of blue themed pictures–it was just what i kept noticing. they use such gorgeous colors here on the buildings.

      all rainy today, unfortunately. looking forward to some sunnier days this weekend, hopefully.



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