craft spells.

25 Aug

i came across an adorable little band, Craft Spells.

their ablum, Idle Labor, is a blissfully sweet collection of sunsoaked poppy synth and soft dreamy 80s nostalgia. the somber lyrics are far from positive, yet there is a sense of romanticism roaming about the entire album. for example, take For Ages, the opening track which enters with:

“Despite of all our conflict
I still sit and adore you
A tragedy for the ages
Now at least I can say this

Even though our love has died,
You’re still mine…”

completely tragic lyrics? you betcha. infinitely listenable and replayable? absolutely.

listen to Idle Labor in its entirety here via grooveshark.

as you probably know by now, album artwork and music are a package deal for me. my appreciation for a band and the album is immensely heightened when i’m captivated by the art and aesthetic. the Craft Spells’ single release art below is seriously beautiful, no? i want to be THERE.

i’m cursing myself for JUST missing these guys come through chicago. but something tells me they’ll be back soon enough…

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