my rhyming urbanite.

23 Aug

sometimes we discover hidden talents in a friend we’ve had for years.

rhyming urbanite, a blog hosted by one of my best of friends, is one of those gems. i’d always known of her solid literary background, but i was taken by surprise to find that my very own ms. beth was a comedic poet.

roared while reading her very first entry, My Romper, a sad tale of a hip chicagoan destined to a romperless summer, cursed by the seemingly infinite temperature drop this “spring”!! my heart goes out to beth for her endurance during the winter abyss of 2011. where were you spring 2011? we know you not.

a few stanzas from My Romper (because YES it is actually a long tale):

Beloved romper, hanging there
Believe me when I say I care
I’ve looked at you so longingly
And I think you’re looking back at me.

You’re tired of the hanger, I know
When I bought you Chi Town still had snow
We met at Forever 21
I took immediate action
Into the dressing room we ran
Moving quickly as girl and romper can
The disbelief slowly took hold
In the mirror, solid style gold
Your drawstring, so fetching
My legs, suddenly stretching
Into longer limbs than I’ve seen
On myself since age 16.

Yet here we are, July draws nigh
Still in my closet you hang high
Removed, rehung many a time
This evening’s shindig seemed so prime
For your long awaited Lakeview debut
But hates you
The temp below 60 will plummet
I guess I should just wear a blanket
And cry while chugging vodka lemonade
I thought in heaven we were matchmade.

and pats on my back for befriending such a clever and thoughtful girl. i even got my very own customized birthday poem, a time travel through our 3 years of best friendship!  is that not the sweetest gesture?!

an abridged version, for your enjoyment

Two girls were educated mere hours away
Kenyon and Michigan, takes less than a day
From one to the next, the trip is so quick
But the length of the drive is not our topic.

Both girls were chosen, from job seekers countless
To come to Chicago, their talent deemed boundless
Whether or not the assessment was true
Both ladies arrived, their “real lives” were new.

Who could have predicted, on the quiet street Pine Grove
Unaware of the other, these graduates drove
To new apartments, located so close
One building small, the other taller than most.

The first day of work came, that’s when they met
And despite what you hear, the tall one didn’t forget
The shorter one’s name, though that’s what she’ll claim
They met again at the bus stop, things were never the same.

More than three years have passed since the day they first met
The friendship still flourishes (and they’re now both brunette!)
They’ve glowered in unison at Red Line commuters
Made endless XOI jokes at their work computers.

They’ve witnessed the Rapture in the Gold Coast
And listened to Phil Collins more often than most
Acquired bags that result in life altering change
Made incredible nachos with steak that’s free range

Wherever they go and whatever they do
These girls have such fun, and help each other too
Through highs or lows, whatever comes along
This friendship certainly will be lifelong.

This “poet” must thank the 135
For the friendship that flourished along Lake Shore Drive
Happy birthday Eileen, you’re now five-and-twenty!
And in your 25th year, you’ll have “bright spots” aplenty!

{beth & i on a romantic pizza date outside ace hardware. sophisticated.}

check out beth’s blog, rhyming urbanite, for more hilarious heart-felt tales & deep thoughts.

5 Responses to “my rhyming urbanite.”

  1. Janet Mulloy August 23, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    Excellent job Beth!! Love the birthday poem as well-would like to see the whole thing if possible. What a dedication to a great friendship =)

    • leaner by the lake August 24, 2011 at 6:55 am #

      I’ll send you the full poem when i get a chance! It’s super cute.

      she is a very good friend, indeed.

  2. rhymingurbanite August 25, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Thanks Jan!!! And thanks Leaner for this incredibly flattering post!! We miss you here in Chicago!

    • leaner by the lake August 25, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

      am seriously missing you too. no one to share my cadbury chocolate with…


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    […] the boy on friday night, michigan football viewing with the girls, a birthday party for my rhyming urbanite, and a date with the lincoln park zoo. busy busy busy. i’ll be needing that earl grey latte […]

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