i see london, i see france!

19 Aug

i’m feeling especially lucky this week!

on monday i’ll be travelling to the UK to work out of our london office for 3 weeks.

i’m excited to see london in the summer, but i’m even more excited to be a BIG GIRL exploring on my own. chalk it up to my extra-extroverted personality, but i’ve never been the type to venture on my own for outings. the free time on this trip is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on some quality alone time, to force myself into a situation i’m typically never in, and to take advantage of travelling from a whole new perspective.

aside from the enormous amount of museums (most of them free!), the london music scene is hoppin’ and i’d love to check out some small indie music venues in the area. not to forget the vintage shopping, markets, and art spaces.

i’m going to be “british hip”. ha.

i’ve been to london once before in the autumn and it was totally gorgeous. the trees in the parks, which are everywhere, are every color imaginable. i’ve never been in the summer and i’ve certainly never been on my own.

{Regents Park. from our trip to London, november 2009}

so i request of you, some travelling tips!

in a city that looks like this, there’s a mountain of places to explore.

i’d love to hear your suggestions on places to visit, eat, catch a film or concert!

a side note: PARIS is also on my radar for a quick trip to take advantage of a long weekened afforded by a UK public holiday while i’m in town. when i heard that versailles was exhibiting contemporary art i couldn’t imagine passing up the journey.

as with london, i’ve been once before (but for a very short stay) during the fall. paris in the summer must be bliss. paris recommendations are VERY welcomed–especially hotels.

there’s LOTS of planning to be done; this weekend is all about hunkering down and getting ready for the trip. my first time travelling for business!

i think this is one of those situations where i’m going to feel distinctly grown-up.

a mary tyler moore moment, as i like to call them.

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