candy coated.

12 Aug

i’m a sucker for summer nails. candy colored glossy manicures make my day.

this season i’ve been experimenting with my nail fashions, if you will. essie has a fun and flirty line-up of sugary summer pastels that have been seriously winning. and while the standard manicure is wonderful, mixing it up with a glitter top coat is even better.

i’ve been toying with glitzing up one nail on each hand–i call this my “sassy nail”. think of it as a sophisticated homage to MJ’s diamond glove.

{essie california coral base pairded with OPI sparktacular glitter top coat}

i whole heartedly believe that when i’m presenting to a group as the “subject matter expert” at work, they’re sitting there thinking “she really knows her stuff, the nails tell it all”.

bless my heart.

and back to nail gear! here are my essie favorites from the spring/summer 2011 line. of course, there are MANY more colors available.

this girl is thinking of treating herself to a manicure a month. each time with a new combination. sephora has a great line of OPI glitter polishes that seem to blend well with just about any colored base coat.

you don’t have to twist my arm to commit to a monthly manicure pledge.

{note: they are awesome layered together or worn on their own sans base color}

if you’re adventurous, then you might be interested in a marbling technique that uses drops of nail polish placed sequentially in the center of a dixie cup of water to create a swirly painted effect.

i’m pretty sure i can’t make this fly for work without someone calling me out publicly. but that isn’t to say i won’t try and pass it off one of these days.

anyone else got some fave summer beauty trends happening?

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