his & hers.

10 Aug

since the boy moved in earlier this year, i’ve caught a homemaking bug.

the easiest place to focus on first was the bedroom, and we’ve made some progress (which i’ll share later). as part of this, i’ve been on a HUNT for monogrammed his & her mugs and a set of coasters for the music studio and master bedroom.

the lovely ms. beth gifted me WONDERFUL monogrammed mugs from anthropologie for my birthday. i’d lusted over these for months, AND LET ME TELL YOU, i think i may have startled her with my excitement.

these are sturdy mugs, which was important to consider given my tendency to swat carelessly at my buzzing alarm clock during multiple snooze extensions. these puppies aren’t budging an inch.

additionally, HOW FREAKING ADORABLE is the design?!

i love the typeface and old time-y feel. they fit so effortlessly into any room.

now that beth has gifted us the perfect mugs, i’m finally puling the trigger on these coasters from the same fabulous store.

handmade by minneapolis potter, kelly brooks in a variety of colors, my favorite are the moody blue set. beautiful bright hues of blue remind me of the geodes i collected as a little girl.

coincidentally, i picked up this geode necklace earlier this summer from anthro. it’s on sale now for 50% off!

my personal style and home style seem to be meeting quite often lately.

so then, we’re one step closer to getting our home together! next step for the bedroom? putting together a gallery wall.

my inspiration comes from the stunning job that Young House Love did on their hallway gallery.

i don’t think we can do as many items in the bedroom, but i really love the mixture of colors and texture. it all works so well!

for the master bedroom wall, i’d like to include trinkets from our relationship (post cards, little notes, travel souvenirs) to bring some variety rather than sticking to photos only.

 time to execute the concept i’ve been toying with since last fall. the mugs and coasters were just the catalyst i need to get started!

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