parks and rec.

9 Aug

i need to make a confession.

i am 100% addicted to the television show Parks and Recreation.

not surprisingly, i’m late to the game. this gem was really off my radar, mostly because i had the idea that it was a carbon copy of The Office with some parks thrown is for a change of setting.

after watching the entirety of the series, i can attest that it is not the case. over the past month i’ve made my way through the first three seasons at an alarming rate. the boy can attest that i’ve demanded to watch a double feature nearly every night.

i’ll be the first to admit the that the first season moves a bit slow–in large part due to leslie’s michael scott style behavior and the undeveloped nature of the surrounding cast. i was totally bored by mark brandanowitz’s character, he seemed like a non-funny jim from The Office. also, the interaction between mark and leslie made leslie seem pathetic and desperate, attributes which don’t help us respect or believe in her.

BUT, by season two things pick up! we start rooting for leslie and her character is much more relatable. additionally, the episodes give more attention to the rest of the cast. andy, the screwball, becomes more charming and april, the deadpan lazy office intern, is given some life and much more of a role in the cast.

ron swanson, the director of the parks and recereation department, emerges as the face of american masulinity. a parody of couse, but one i’m ready to pledge my little white red and blue heart to.

{the many faces of ron swanson.}

somehow ron is adorable, manly, and ridiculous all at the same time. oh and hello, that mustache? AWESOMENESS.

{when this pyramid was featured on the show, i still framed every shot so i could read the entire thing. my favorites are rage, poise, pig protein, suspicion, buffets.}

by the end of the third season (which is jam packed with comedian comeos) i was TOTALLY obsessed with the relationships and plots which were evolving. my level of investment in the character’s emotional lives may have been a little exaggerated…ok, a lot exaggerated. i’m pretty sure i cried in each of the last three episodes. i also witnessed the boy fall off furniture multiple times due to extreme content hilarity.

we’re very sophisticated active viewers.

with the third season wrapped up, and in far from a neat little resolved bow, i’m anxiously awaiting the show’s comeback.

until then, i’ll work on memorizing the pyramid of greatness.

2 Responses to “parks and rec.”

  1. rhymingurbanite August 9, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    Great review!!! Totally agreed with all your observations. Can’t wait for season 4!!!

    • leaner by the lake August 9, 2011 at 8:20 am #

      the review is basically an echo of the MANY conversations we’ve had about this show! perhaps a viewing party for the fourth season premiere?

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