birthday highlights.

7 Aug

some highlights from this past weeks birthday events!

{dinner party with my aunt and uncle to celebrate my and my aunts birthdays}

{a trip to the top floor of my condo building}

{new age on my bedroom door. mulloy family tradition, which the boy keeps alive! best guy}

{a funfetti cake and party at work, courtesy ms. carling}

{i was gifted hilarious and scandalous cocktail napkins by carling! THANK YOU! }

{jan sent cookies and some other treats in a birthday care package. TOTAL MOM WIN}

{dinner with the boy at the hearty boys restaurant in lakeview}

{shopping at the lincoln fest street festival post manicure. enjoying some lemongria!}

{the highlight of the week! birthday party at Las Palmas with some beauties}

{besties + killer margaritas. happy girl}

{capping off a fabulous week with dancing at empire liquors. and yes, that is a 40 in the background.}

thank you to my friends and family for making me the luckiest girl!

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