30 Jul

as i mentioned earlier this week, the boy planned LOTS of special events this week to celebrate my birthday.

last night we headed south west to the empty bottle in wicker park to scope out the Gatekeeper, Teengirl Fantasy, and Pictureplane show. i’ve got to say, gatekeeper was the stand-out for me.

the duo’s dark synth beats had me feeling like i was in an 80’s horror flick. this was especially exacerbated by the immense amounts of fog and strobe light flickering. oh and of course, by all the kids around us actually doing what can only be described as the “hipster zombie jive”. i totally joined in.

seriously, i thought zombies were going to come out of the mist.

lights show. i’m a sucker for pretty blue lights.

check out their music — it’s refreshingly different.

a little halloween in july never hurt anybody.

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