the month in music.

29 Jul

it is ALMOST the weekend and even better, ALMOST the start of my week long vacation.

a little friday music always gets me excited for the upcoming weekend. today i’m taking advantage of NPR’s free Month in Music sampler. you can download the sampler for free, via eMusic.

Summer music takes on almost as many forms as summer itself: There’s music for the beach, music for sticky nights at home, music to blare through boom boxes on city streets, and on and on.

Consequently, a July-themed playlist can spread out in virtually every direction: We simulate a hazy night at the beach with the shimmering electronic sounds of Washed Out, while the boom box gets a workout with a vintage track from A Tribe Called Quest (subject of a new documentary), Brazil’s psych-rock scene spawns a summer-friendly gem from the late Lula Cortes, and dust-caked rural America gets a timeless reboot with the help of Pokey LaFarge. Naturally, July events inspired some of our choices — this year’s Latin American Music Conference featured the sweet style of Guatemalan-born Gaby Moreno, for example — and a few of our selections just happened to have new records out in the worlds of dance-pop (Little Dragon), worldly party jams (Watcha Clan), electronica (Brian Eno, Amon Tobin) and roots music (Amy LaVere).

i’m pleased to see the variety of the mix. it doesn’t hurt that Brian Eno and Washed Out are two of my favorites.

enjoy the music, and happy friday!

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