monkeying around.

28 Jul

i’m not sure how it even happened, but along the way in our relationship the boy and i started joking about chimps. thats right, monkeys. it’s totally weird and childlike, i know. but i can’t help it. chimps are cute and playful. they’re fun to joke about.

a trip to the target dollar isle and a recent trip back home, where i scoured through the dust-collecting beanie baby collection circa 1995, found us two new roommates- -chimpster and chimpette.

{chimpster and chimpette}

you’ll notice that chimpette is about 200% larger than chimpster. i love it.

{i often come home to adorable arrangements on the bed courtesy of the boy, cruise ship style}

so you’ll understand then why i was OVER THE TOP when katie gifted me these Betsy Johnson stud earrings for my birthday this week. best friend FTW.

{yes, they are wearing pink bow-ties.}

i am never taking them off. bravo Betsy Johnson! i’ve been paring them with a pair a bright teal button studs. nothing says summer like bold colors and chimps, right?

do you have any childlike tendencies or inside jokes that have manifested into your (supposedly) adult home or style?

god knows i do.

2 Responses to “monkeying around.”


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