hidden gems: rose angelis

25 Jul

my dad recently visited me in chicago, which is of course one of my favorite things!

though i’m not too far from home, i don’t get to see my family nearly as often as i’d like. these rare-ish visits always mean two things per my parent’s kind and charitable nature:

1) a monster grocery trip to the local whole foods where the boy and i run around like kids grabbing t-bone steaks and organic cherries (things we typically would laugh at indulging in)

2) a 5 star care package of all my favorite things, courtesy of my mom. this woman finds the BEST treats. (my college roommate/bff beth and i were always in amazement of the fun grocery items she’d manage to find us. chocolate covered edamame?!)

3) dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. in this case, Rose Angelis in lincoln park.

tucked in a residential section of lincoln park, Rose Angelis’s adorable exterior is perfectly complimented by an eclectic and roomy interior space which has a fluid and airy feel. there’s also a nice patio out back for al fresco dining.

this wasn’t my first time here and i’d been itching to bring both my father and the boy. i raved about the spot the entire cab ride down, and by golly we were not let down.

we started with a bottle of pino and the caprese salad, both of which were fresh and flavorful. a good start to the meal.

{mezzalune al burro}

spinach pasta half moons stuffed with ricotta and pesto served in a seasoned browned butter sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and parmagiana

THIS IS TO DIE FOR. i’ve gotten it both times i’ve eaten at Rose Angelis. i know i should venture to the million other menu items but this dish has my heart, and stomach apparently.


{aged new york strip}

medium rare, peppercorn crusted 16oz steak finished with gorgonzola and sauteed onions served with grilled asparagus and sun-dried tomato mashed potato.

the boy let me taste test his steak, which was seriously mouthwatering. ever since i’ve been inspired to learn how to make a piece of meat taste that delicious. a mission is in progress to master peppercorn sauce for our next steak dinner.

{cappuccino served with chocolate almond biscotti}

i consider my father one of my top 5 favorite people to dine with. aside from his gregarious personality, he loves ordering appetizers/dessert/wine/coffee.

dessert is like skipping class, i don’t always have the guts or initiative to do it on my own but when someone else suggests it i am ALL aboard. on this occasion, we skipped dessert (did you CHECK OUT those portions?!) and went for coffee and biscotti. a perfect cap to the meal.

i have been told though, that the tiramisu and the fresh strawberries, which are chilled in carmel and drizzled in white and dark chocolate, are both sinfully delicious. i obviously need to go back.

a special note to my budget conscious friends, our total for 3 people, with an appetizer, wine, 3 entrees, and 3 coffees came to less than $90 (pre-gratuity). that feels unheard of for a nice restaurant in the city! considering the quality of the food and service it’s especially surprising.

dude, i’m completely head over heels for this spot. enough said.

One Response to “hidden gems: rose angelis”

  1. Janet Mulloy July 25, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Now I really am hungry…We must go when I take my trip =) But I think I will opt for the capp and one of those fore-mentioned desserts.

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