ms. scarlet, with the knife, in the study!

24 Jul

flashback to childhood board game nights!

tonight i’m watching the 1985 film version of the classic board game, Clue.

i’ve had a hankering for some sleuthy films and this seemed just the one to satisfy my craving. and it kills two birds with one stone; it’s also a favorite from my childhood.

i ALWAYS insisted on being ms. scarlet and my father, irishman that he is, claimed mr. green. poor julie was always stuck with cornel mustard or professor plum.

my father, sister, and i must have played Clue together over 100 times during the course of our childhood. we still bust it out when i’m home, and he still wins about 80% of the time. last time we played, he guessed the winning combintation of person/weapon/room correctly within the first 5 minutes of the game. i was all “WTF THIS IS NOT COOL” but also secretly all “damn, he has got skillz”.

tonight we’ve go a happy ms. leaner with a favorite flick in lakeview, chicago.

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