pitchfork recap.

19 Jul

yesterday i took the day off to recover from the craze of the three days spent at pitchfork music festival. i sweated it out to the beats in chicago’s blistering temperatures all weekend. and i wasn’t alone. 18,000 other music lovers joined me, selling out the festival. check out the crowd!

the boy and i attended the full three days of the festival this year and got to see some incredible live performances, often getting a prime viewing spot (true dedication in 90 degree weather with 50% humidity).

{waiting for cold cave to start. seriously feeling like it is 200 degrees, but lookin’ like a lady with my fan.}

here’s a recap of my favorite shows from the festival. not coincidentally, they are the ones we maneuvered great spots for.

friday: gatekeeper, battles [images]

saturday: cold cave [images], twin shadow

sunday: how to dress well [image], cut copy [image], twin sister

it’s rare that i get to turn off for more than a couple days at a time, so this weekend (4 whole days off!) has been precious. no obligations beyond getting myself to the festival and back in one piece. each night we’d pile on to the 146 bus, the last leg of our commute home, and recap the day, our favorite acts, indulge in the air conditioning, and marvel at how truly dirty we’d managed to get. at some point, we realized that the “tan” we thought we’d worked up was really just a thick layer of dirt. classy. (katie and carling, i’m still in awe at the “clean” feeling).

in true freebie loving fashion, i scored two urban outfitters bags full of goodies (towels, sunglasses, FACE PAINT). while the towels proved to be the ultimate lifesaver, the face paint takes the cake for the most amusement. the girls really took to this treat.

{carling is loving the facepaint talents of ms. katie, who was later bestowed a smiley face on her shin.}

{woah! is that casper on your arm? i wonder what magnificent artist painted that?}

all in all, a successful stay-cation with some favorite friends and music. pitchfork, we’ll see you next year!

2 Responses to “pitchfork recap.”

  1. Catherine July 21, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    Looks like a blast. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!

    • leaner by the lake July 21, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

      thank you! it was amazing. SO SO SO HOT though. i’m melting in that photo.

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