summertime rituals.

14 Jul

it’s clear that as of lately i’ve gotten into quite the little summertime weekend routine. i thought i’d share.

i make a very serious (though usually failed) attempt to sleep in on weekends. work has me up and at my desk by 7am on weekdays, so i treasure rolling around in my bed for as long as i want on saturday and sunday. not having an alarm set feels so decadent. when i finally manage to get myself vertical (horizontal usually wins until 10am), long breakfasts are fixed with music playing over weekend event planning discussions.

following, is a stroll to a local coffee shop (usually starbucks or awake cafe) where i ALWAYS order an iced beverage. to say that i’m addicted to iced tea is an understatement at this point. i’m quite demanding when it comes to this part of the routine.

my cold cup has become a prized possession.

my current favorite is the iced green tea from starbucks (unsweetened with one equal), but i’ve been getting adventurous lately (living on the edge here) and have gotten the iced black tea and a half/half of iced black tea & lemonade. this weekend i’m going wild and mixing iced passion tea with lemonade–just try and stop me!

a coffee shop trip is ideally followed by a walk to the lakefront and lounging in the park under “our tree”. during our first weekend dating, just over a year ago, the boy and i took a break from kite flying (BEST FIRST DATE EVER) to relax and get some shade from the insanity of the 95 degree day. i’ve labelled this spot in lincoln park  as “our tree” ever since. a picture from our first visit:

we typically camp out at the park for a few hours. it’s wonderful to get outside after a week of long hours inside the office, and i’ve really come to look forward this part of the weekend. i love reading and chatting outdoors with some tunes playing in the background. i got the boy a kindle for our 1 year, so we’ve been toting those around with us, as well. [currently reading: Lady Chatterley’s Lover]

last week i scored a new compact picnic blanket (a la tj max). it’s got a waterproof bottom and even has stakes to anchor it to the ground. with outdoor concerts, movies, and park afternoons filling our schedule, i’m patting myself on the back for a (finally) practical purchase. seriously recommend.

playtime in the park.

and some boat watching on the lakefront.

that’s our summertime weekend ritual, and i dare say it’s a swell one. do you have summertime rituals on your weekends? the farmers market, or a morning run, perhaps?

the carefree weekends are what i love most about this season. knowing that i’m waking up to a city with a million different things to offer, and having my little routine to jumpstart the weekend. total bliss.

2 Responses to “summertime rituals.”

  1. broadsideblog July 14, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    I normally play softball with my co-ed group that’s played together for eight years..but now have arthritis in my hip and am forbidden to play…so I join them for lunch on the patio anyway. I like the farmer’s markets in all our little suburban Hudson rivertowns. Our summer weekends are spent between eating, reading and entertaining on our balcony — or at the pool. They also include the weekend FT and blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.

    • leaner by the lake July 14, 2011 at 10:36 am #

      oh, blueberry pancakes! i’ve been mentioning my need of pancake consumption for a few weeks now but have been failing to obtain them. you have inspired me–and to use REAL maple syrup. i enjoyed reading your summertime rituals :) thanks for sharing. farmers markets are a favorite of mine as well. apart from the fresh local produce and pasture-raised meat, i love the people watching and sense of community.

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