on repeat.

8 Jul

earlier last month i shared my favorite summer songs, an 18 track playlist packed with new-ish indie pop and electronic music that i’ve been rocking out to during our mini-spring and summer. it’s safe to say though, that 18 songs are not nearly enough for the entirety of these sunshiny days, especially for kids like me who listen to music 24/7.

we recently held a summer kickoff & album release party and i was tasked with putting together a fun, eclectic, party-length playlist. admittedly, this isn’t my life’s work. i can’t boast a thematically cohesive playlist as there’s lots of genre jumping–think  Tainted Love by Soft Cell followed by Passion Pit ‘s Sleepyhead. BUT, what i can promise you folks is a collection of interesting and upbeat jams–oldies, indie pop and rock, electronic, mash-ups, and hip-hop.

it sparked my mind to post this as i’ve been soaking up these tunes every waking moment since the party. additionally, my music loving friend, mentioned that she’s always looking for new albums outside of her own listening pursuits. kels, here you are!

Summer Kickoff Playlist: listen via grooveshark

enjoy, my friends! recommended additions to the mix are welcome! i’d love to hear what songs are making your summer memories.

{st. petersburg beach, 1960}

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