late night drama.

6 Jul

not long ago, the charades of NBC’s abrupt removal of Conan O’Brien from his new gig hosting The Tonight Show were a hot topic. like most distasteful corporate decisions, this PR disaster was far from transparent. as a Conan fan, i thought the entire situation was absurd. assumingly, LOTS of dirty details were being shuffled under large corporate carpets, hidden from the public eye.

well folks, it’s about to get R.E.A.L. (or at least i hope so) in a new documentary, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, focusing on this time period from Conan O’Brien’s point of view. the documentary covers Conan’s reaction to NBC’s decisions and follows the comedian in his darker of times, as he sets out on a 32-city live show during his airtime black-out.

this evening, the boy and i are checking out this film with some friends at chicago’s landmark century cinema. [sidenote: this theater is a great source of independent and foreign films.] i’m interested to see all the behind the scenes footage and tap in to some of the secret details. additionally, i’ve heard the film is hilarious — and really, how could Conan be anything but?

an update after seeing the film:

this documentary truly showed how Conan operates. about 90% of the footage is backstage and centers around Conan’s grappling with NBC’s actions, putting together his first road tour, and his inability to stop being “on”. multiple times during the documentary i found myself whispering the impossibility that a person could be so animated and exaggerated for what seemed like 24 hours, 7 days a week. it’s exhausting to watch, let alone consider living. you can see then from this, how truly heart broken O’Brien must have been when his passion for performing was taken away.

i recommend checking this film out. while it wasn’t a 10, it was an interesting glimpse into show business and Conan’s personality– which gravitates so heavily towards performance and comedy that it almost seems like an addiction.

2 Responses to “late night drama.”

  1. Janet Mulloy July 6, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Jan loves Conan-anxious to hear about the film and your critique. Love you! Enjoy your groceries =)

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