365 rewind.

1 Jul

we’re fast approaching my favorite weekend. since i was little, i’ve been enchanted by all things 4th of july: sparklers, fireworks, american flag cakes, you name it. I LOVE IT ALL. but this year, i’ve got especially good reason for my excitement, because while watching fireworks is seriously magical, feeling them is even better.

a year ago on the 4th of july, my best friend whom i’d been straight crushing on 5th grade style and whom i’d known for two years, became my boyfriend. something i’d wanted secretly in the back of my mind, but that seemed so distant from reality that i’d pushed it out of comprehension. it’s funny, how one little moment can change so much about life. i remember that day and that night with such clarity and vividness that it seems unreal that it could be a year ago. it was complete chance that the events unfolded as they did–a cocktail of spontaneous, random, and odd decisions all colliding into one perfect blend. even today, it’s all so fresh that i’m still dreamy and googly-eyed over it.

so here we are. one year later. living together and looking back on it all with complete shock at how much time has flown. it’s incredulous to think of how much has been packed into the last 365 days. big life changes for both of us–defining moments of young adulthood. moments that will shape the next 365.

of COURSE i’m looking forward to all my favorite 4th of july festivities. fireworks and bbq planning flood my mind. yet, this weekend there’s a little more magic in the fireworks we’ll watch. and hopefully, if i’m the luckiest girl ever, many many more 4th of july anniversaries to come.

One Response to “365 rewind.”

  1. Janet Mulloy July 1, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    what a wonderful tribute to your relationship!! We are happy to have the boy in our lives as well =) Could you also please send me that sweet tea vodka recipe for my 4th festivities lol !

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