summer wish list.

26 Jun


after a very long and impatient spring, it is finally SUMMERTIME. bear with me as i obsess over the season a little more. in an earlier post, i shared my favorite songs for summer listening. as you can imagine, i’ve dreamed up activities to accompany these songs–fabulous warm weather activities filled with sundresses, iced beverages, and adventure.

each spring i gather up the activities i’ve compiled over the past 8 months and put together my summer wish list for new ventures. my friends can attest to the many calendar invites resulting from this list–i hope they love me more for it <3.

below are activities i’d like to experience for the FIRST time by the end of summer.

1.    a visit to brookfield zoo (on a cooler day!)
2.    eat & get drinks at hopleaf in andersonville
3.    spend a day at the indiana sand dunes
4.    bake an american flag cake with the girls for our annual fourth of july bbq
5.    learn how to grill —  all by myself. i’d love to make this.
6.    bike trip to evanston. check out the boy’s old stomping grounds at NWU.
7.    start a blog. (CHECK)

you’re sure to hear about my progress as i make my way through this list. do you have any favorite activities to recommend? are new ventures part of your summer experience?

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  1. america! « leaner by the lake - July 6, 2011

    […] with friends (invitation above!). this year we’re doing a potluck and i’ll be tackling TWO of my summer wish list items: 1) learning how to grill and 2) making an american flag […]

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