23 Jun

this week the boy and i are beginning a processed foods detox, inspired by the CLEAN program’s elimination diet. we’ll be factoring out processed foods entirely, and eating minimal amounts of dairy, refined sugars, and gluten. after a month of careless eating and snacking, i’m recalibrating my (our) systems and going back to the basics: whole grains, protein, and fresh produce.

{whole foods shopping bonanza}

i know, i know, this sounds extreme and a little awful. but its not.

earlier this year i went through my first cleanse: two weeks of a strict elimination diet followed by 2 weeks of intense detoxification. compared to the cleanse, the elimination diet was a cake walk, i wish literally.  i found the first couple days were the worst,  after that it was smooth sailing with zero cravings. my energy levels sky rocketed, my mind was clearer, i dropped weight, and was less like a crotchety old man.

while yes, i am eating millet and yes, it happens to be something you buy in 8 lb. bags for your pet bird, the experience of finding and savoring entire new groups of foods has been enlightening. my deep adoration for a brownie hasn’t changed, and i’ll probably still fight you for the last one; but, i’ve learned to appreciate fresh berries and broccoli in a new way. the oil, salt, and chemicals which make processed food so addicting and satisfying were blocking me from appreciating the flavor and freshness of food that my body actually needs.

{berries instead of brownies for dessert. done and done.}

2 Responses to “detox.”

  1. Janet Mulloy June 23, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    can you pick me up some millet for my finches =) Agree with your choices -good for you!!


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    […] Jun as i mentioned, we’re trying to keep to our modified elimination diet. it’s proving to be somewhat of a struggle (i.e. a recent household hostess cupcake run). And […]

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