date nite duds.

19 Jun

it’s been unseasonably cold this spring & summer in chicago yet i REFUSE to let my new summer gear go unworn. after years of abandonment and purposeful shunning, i’ve had a miraculous reconnection with Forever 21 over the past month and last night i was dying to wear a new floral top i picked up earlier this week.

since it was chilly and late in the evening, i paired the top (note the ZIPPER in the front!) with j.crew’s minnie pant and a shawl cardi.

not to be forgotten, my go-to crossbody by rebecca mikoff.

i got this bag back in october and cannot get enough of it. the versatility is incredible–to work, to dinner, to concerts, everywhere. there’s just the amount of room i need to pack for a day trip without feeling like i’ve got a clunky bag on my shoulder all afternoon.

{the morning after bag.}

i really enjoy the studded detail on the bottom. ascetically pleasing and it keeps the purse protected when setting it down.

 in my future for fall: another rebecca minkoff.

perhaps something a little more casual and “boyfriendy”? and maybe in brown. i’ve got my eye on these beauties for now.

i love how both bags flirt with the masculinity of a men’s messenger bag while maintaining minkoff’s signature feature — walking the line between feminine and edgy.

which one would you pick? thank goodness i’ve got till fall to purchase, i can’t decide!

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