hidden gems.

15 Jun

at an investment conference last week, i attended a panel discussion on the “hidden gems” of the mutual fund industry. that is, funds that may not be on the forefront of industry news and investor radar, but that have an exceptional track record and significant returns relative to their peers.

this got me thinking– it’s not just investing where i’m searching for a high investment return, its everywhere: in the clothes i buy, the places i visit, and the food i eat. like i not so shyly mentioned, i’ve got caviar taste on a hot dog budget.

hidden gems will be a feature on this blog to introduce you to my favorite deals. these are my chosen under radar finds which also happen to be a great deal. and guess what–with that extra cash you can buy yourself a new summer dress from j.crew…or something practical like that.

our first hidden gem comes from a spot near and dear to my heart–my most favorite restaurant in chicago: angelina ristorante. this is the restaurant i went to my first night in chicago, the place my family takes me for my birthday, where i celebrate with my friends, and where i go for a cozy yet elegant italian dinner.

courtesy angelina ristorante website

if you live in lakeview, it is an absolute tragedy to skip over this little restaurant. tucked in between the grocer and a dive bar it is surely easy to miss, except on saturday and sunday morning when it is BUMPING for $21 all you can drink mimosa brunch. i went last weekend with the girls and we were happily over-served by cheery waiters. in fact, we even got love notes sent to us from other tables. SEE. best restaurant ever.

additionally, they have GREAT weekly specials.

  • monday 1/2 price wine
  • wednesday neighborhood night – 20% off the bill for lakeview residents
  • saturday & sunday $21 champagne brunch

i strongly urge you to check this place out–for dinner, for brunch, for anything.

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